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Fast Pace On Board Blurrolab

''Over four or five days,'' continued Czeisler, ''if you lose two or three hours of sleep per night, it's the equivalent of losing a full night of sleep, and that causes a lot of detriments in our ability to perform effectively. It impairs the ability to consolidate short-term memory, causes a slowing of reaction time and it increases the probability of lapses of attention that may occur when you're carrying out a routine, highly over-learned task, such as on Earth driving a car. NASA is concerned about the potential impact of this cumulative sleep deprivation on mission safety and success.''

Genetic Background of Language

Surveying many studies Stromswold (2001) concluded that twin concordance rates have been significantly higher for monozygotic twins than for dizygotic twins. Twins are concordant for a trait if both express the trait or neither expresses it. Twins are discordant for a trait if one exhibits the trait and the other does not. If the concordance rate for language disorders is significantly greater for monozygotic than dizygotic twins, this suggests that genetic factors play a role in language disorders such as dyslexia and specific language impairment (SLI). The concordance rates for written and spoken language disorders are similar. For both written-language and spoken-language disorders, mean and overall concordance rates were approximately 30 higher for monozygotic twins than for dizygotic twins, with genetic factors accounting for between one half and two thirds of the written- and spoken-language abilities of language-impaired people. In studies of normal twins, depending on the...

Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex

Cingulate Cortex Macaque

The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) has long been a region of special interest to neuroscientists because it has been suspected to play an important role in the highest levels of cognitive functioning, as well as in the derangements of cognition that accompany schizophrenia and other neu-ropsychiatric disorders. Experimental studies of macaque monkeys, supplemented since the late 1970s by functional imaging studies in humans, have confirmed the involvement of DLPFC in several aspects of cognition, among them selective attention (including attention to action), working memory, and the programming of appropriate novel behaviors in nonroutine situations. DLPFC consists of multiple areas, each having a somewhat different pattern of cortical and subcortical connections and presumably making different functional contributions (Figure 6). Most subdivisions of DLPFC have strong connections with the higher-order parietal and temporal regions (PP, IT, STS) discussed in an earlier...

Climate on the Millennium Time Scale

The present chapter will close with a short outlook on the projected climate change for the actual millennium. Most of the published climate projections address the twenty-first century and only a few studies exist, which look further into the future. Because of the considerable inertia of the climate system - caused by the long residence times of many greenhouse gases, the large heat capacity of the oceans and the long-term memory of other components of the system, such as ice sheets - in

Turtles All the Way Up

Organic coding speaks for giving cognitive dynamics a central role in language. This, of course, is consistent with the distributed view of Love, Kravchenko, Ross, and others. Indeed, by switching one's focus from forms to expression, sense making is seen to depend on how brains motivate response to coaction. Far from drawing on apriori symbols (or signs), we rely on bodies that become language-ready. Given digital semantics, hybrid language comes to play the modelling role emphasised by Sebeok (2001). Far from depending on dichotomies of internal system and external use, language exploits a meshwork of heterogeneous processes and practices. Both dialogically and in monologue, we rely on integrating expression with wordings. Language is analogue and digital because adaptive signals regulate an individual's world. Indeed, it is precisely this hybridity that impacts on the IMF in ways that give us shared descriptions and an ability to identify (what we take to be) counterfactuals....

Clyde Tombaugh Goes To Flagstaff

Clyde Tbmbaugh, the eldest of six children, was born on a farm near Streator, Illinois, on February 4, 1906. He enjoyed exploring the heavens with his Uncle Lee and his 3-inch telescope. Clyde virtually memorized the popular astronomy book his uncle loaned him. In 1920 his father and Uncle Lee bought a new 2.25-inch scope from the Sears-Roebuck catalog for them to share.

How can I remember the names of the planets in our solar system

You don't need to memorize the names of all the planets, just like you don't need to memorize the names of all the dinosaurs, or all the world's rivers. Your teacher might want you to remember the biggest planets, but never forget that there's more to the solar system than just the four, eight, or thirteen biggest things. Asteroids, comets, and moons can be just as interesting as planets. Another fun thing to do is to memorize the first five recognized dwarf planets, using this comment about your very excellent mother Extra Planets Make Her Crazy. The initials stand for Eris, Pluto, Makemake, Haumea, and Ceres.

Messages messages

So please respect the humble bacterium that is playing this game. It can reproduce, it can evolve. E. colimust have some sort of long-term memory about how to make itself that can outlast its substance. That means that an E. coli must be an automatic factory containing something analogous to control tapes and automatic manufacturing equipment. And that is only part of it. All the equipment must be contained, organised, fed. Pieces for it to work on, energy to drive it, must be provided by the E. coli cell. Apart from the manufacturing machinery that can follow instructions, there has also to be another kind of machinery that instead reprints them - something analogous to a Xerox machine or a tape copier. All these things have to be contrived through the manufacturing machinery duly instructed by appropriate bits of the Library tape.

About This Book

You may have the sense that only the super-smart can understand any branch of science. If you didn't see the point of being able to identify the parts of a cell, or you didn't like memorizing the periodic table of elements, your experience confirms that sense. And you've probably figured out that you're no Einstein, but here's a secret most scientists (including yours truly) aren't Einsteins either.

The foragers

Blown away by the wind and covered up by sand. However, these ants have found how to cope with this to orientate themselves, they use polarized light from the sky and they also contrive to memorize their own movements, the direction to take, and the distances they have covered they can be seen making a straight line back to their nest without the slightest detour.

Should We Do It

I am not teaching or promoting or asking anyone to memorize and spit back at me the accepted understanding of evolution. What I am hoping for, always, is to get across the idea that science is a way of thinking that has no necessary conflict with religious or spiritual thinking.

Growing up nerdish

I was only 11 when the Sputnik went up. Americans were already afraid of the Russians, and now we were desperately afraid. We had air raid drills in school, and were taught how to put our heads down under our desks. My father got a Geiger counter to find out if things were radioactive, and was part of the Civil Defense system. Suddenly it was good to be good at science and math. I got books every two weeks from the Bookmobile, which the county library sent around to farms. Even the library itself was brand new. We had a science fair, and I saved up my allowance, a quarter a week for a long time, to buy a Heathkit shortwave radio with five vacuum tubes. I put it together myself, but it didn't work because my soldering iron was meant for roofing, and had melted some parts. A few months later I found out how to get some new parts, and suddenly there were voices from far away. I studied the parts catalog from Allied Radio the way other kids memorized baseball statistics. I built a...

Swarm robotics

Working with Michael Krieger and our colleagues from EPFL, we gave our Kheperas the task of'leaving the nest', going to look for 'food', and bringing it back home. We added a further condition the robots had to keep the overall energy of the nest above a certain level, which means they had to collect the maximum of 'food' while expending the minimum of effort. These little machines on wheels, communicating via infrared signals, functioned like their living counterparts. Each of them went about its business, moving randomly until it found a 'seed', which it would then pick up with its arm and take back to its starting point. If a robot came upon a plentiful source of food, it memorized the way back to the nest and as soon as it got there it recruited nestmates and led them to the feeding ground. It was observed that productivity increased proportionately with an increase in the number of worker robots, but only up to a point, beyond which there were risks of collision and...

Artefactual Selves

Emily remembers what she said and how she acted. By conforming to English patterns, the language stance gives a perspective on 'what happened'. Once again, the necessary processes can change the baby's world. Since Emily now hears her own speaking (as shown by self-correction), she can learn from her utterances. In this passage, for example, she uses rudiments of logic ('So after we finished with the store we bought one.') While this could be deliberate, it is likely that mindless patterns make such patterns familiar long before they are either heard or put to strategic ends. Given working memory (also shown by repair), she not only hears verbal patterns but uses these to react to what she is saying ('well, we thought it was for Christmas'). Having gone beyond reliance on socially appropriate vocalizations (hearing segmental patterns) Emily may be motivated to vary her wordings to fit with her telling (and her feelings about self). While lacking space to pursue such issues, this...

SwingBy Trajectories

Gravity Assist

If a spacecraft passes close by a planet, as it journeys through interplanetary space, then the path it takes is described as a swing-by trajectory. It may be worth recalling some of the background we discussed in Chapter 1 about this type of trajectory, and indeed you may wish to reread the text associated with Figures 1.9 and 1.10 to refresh your memory. The shape of the curve describing the spacecraft's path is called a hyperbola, and it is one of the four basic conic section shapes found by Isaac Newton in his equations describing motion in an inverse square law gravity field. As mentioned in Chapter 1, the shape can be seen all over the place once you start looking for it. You may even have your very own hyperbola in the room where you are reading this,

Is It Dangerous

There is an image that keeps popping into my mind. I give an awful lot of lectures. I don't read from notes, I prefer to use slides, each of which fits with a topic that I want to talk about. I don't need to memorize a speech, or make it formal, I can stay conversational, which is what I find most comfortable.

Getting Ahead

L t was two nights before my anatomy final and I was in the lab at around two in the morning, memorizing the cranial nerves. There are twelve cranial nerves, each branching to take bizarre twists and turns through the inside of the skull. To study them, we bisected the skull from forehead to chin and sawed open some of the bones of the cheek. So there I was, holding half of the head in each hand, tracing the twisted paths that the nerves take from our brains to the different muscles and sense organs inside.

The Neocortex

While most olfactory processing is in the limbic system, some occurs in the neocortex. The same division of function seems to apply to memory. A principal part of the limbic system, other than the olfactory cortex, is, as we have mentioned, the hippocampal cortex. When the olfactory cortex is excised, animals can still smell, although with a much lower efficiency. This is another demonstration of the redundancy of brain function. There is some evidence that, in contemporary humans, the short-term memory of smell resides in the hippocampus. The original function of the hippocampus may have been exclusively the short-term memory of smell, useful in, for example, tracking prey or finding the opposite sex. But a bilateral hippocampal lesion in humans results, as in the case of H. M., in a profound impairment of all varieties of short-term memory. Patients with such lesions literally cannot remember from one moment to the next. Clearly, both hippocampus and frontal lobes are involved in...

Tales Of Dim Eden

What functions do dreams serve today One view, published in a reputable scientific paper, holds that the function of dreams is to wake us up a little, every now and then, to see if anyone is about to eat us. But dreams occupy such a relatively small part of normal sleep that this explanation does not seem very compelling. Moreover, as we have seen, the evidence points just the other way today it is the mammalian predators, not the mammalian prey, who characteristically have dream-filled sleep. Much more plausible is the computer-based explanation that dreams are a spillover from the unconscious processing of the day's experience, from the brain's decision on how much of the daily events temporarily stored in a kind of buffer to emplace in long-term memory. The events of yesterday frequently run through my dreams the events of two days ago, much more rarely. However, the buffer-dumping model seems unlikely to be the whole story, because it does not explain the disguises that are so...

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