Two Strings

The short string in Fig. 11a demonstrates mirror, translation, and inversion symmetries. In more detail, the string bases are invariant under a combined operation of mirror symmetry and inversion of the Base ^ Complementary base type. A pair of the RRYY quartets forms a minimum pattern of the translation symmetry (see their black-and-white substrates on the right side). Such combined operation is inherent to the canonical base pairing in DNA molecules. In the one-dimensional space of the string, therefore, the four central bases and the central axis seem to represent the compact information symbol of a DNA molecule. A possible semantic interpretation for the short 5' string: "A deoxyribonucleic acid—the universal keeper of genetic information". Its possible meaning: "Symbolization of a material carrier of the special message and an accentuation of Guanine-Cytosine complementary pair."

The same three symmetries arrange the long string in Fig. 11b. The pair of flanking TATAT sequences is mirror symmetrical. A pair of the central AGC triplets forms a minimum pattern of the translation symmetry. The inversion and the absence of it, i.e. identical transformation, show regular interdependence between the 5' and 3' bases of the degeneracy II set. This regularity being projected to the antitriplet of transfer RNA formalizes the well-known wobble pairing rule (Crick, 1966; shCherbak, 1989b).

The TATAT sequence could symbolize a so-called TATA box, which is the well-known DNA consensus sequence located in the promoter region of many eukaryotic genes. The TATA box is involved in binding an enzyme for making a messenger RNA from a DNA template to initiate a protein synthesis. A possible interpretation of the TATAT sequence: "A Goldstein-Hogness TATA box—a starting-point of transcription". Its possible meaning: "Symbolization of a biologically active genomic DNA." Still, there is no clear interpretation of two AGC triplets symmetrically arranged in the long string.

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