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These eBooks can teach you how magic is something that you can easily learn on your own, at your own home. What if you had the ability to cast powerful love spells that could cause anyone to fall in love with you, or get your ex back? What if you had the power to cast spells to cause you to win the lottery or attract all the money you could ever want? What if you could cast spells to protect yourself, become a vampire, give yourself superhuman beauty, or heal yourself or anyone you know? Crystal Whitestone is a High White Witch that has learned the most powerful magic from the best mentors all over the world. Magic is real, and anyone who does not believe believes that at their peril. This set of books can teach even those who do not believe in magic to learn to cast powerful spells. The world can be yours. Continue reading...

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Dembskis Complex Specified Information

Dembski thinks that intelligence has a magical power that permits it to do something that would be impossible through natural causes alone. Furthermore, this power is detectable When intelligent agents act, they leave behind a characteristic trademark or signature (Dembski 1999, 127). He calls this trademark of intelligence complex specified information or specified complexity.

T he G reatest Inventors

Walls of caves Just for decoration That doesn't seem likely, because the caves were so dark. Of course we can't be sure, but we think they may have been trying to make magic, that they believed that painting pictures of animals on the walls would make those animals appear. Rather like when we say 'Talk of the devil ' when someone we've been talking about turns up unexpectedly. After all, these animals were their prey, and without them they would starve. So they may have been trying to invent a magic spell. It would be nice to think that such things worked. But they never have yet.

Pyramid Power

The Anti Gravity Coral Castle

In 'Levitation in the Great Pyramid ' an unnamed author addresses these questions directly. The author notes that levitation has been suggested as a possible explanation for this amazing feat ( Evidence is found for the use of levitation, first of all, in historical sources. According to the author, the tenth-century Arab historian, Masoudi, claimed that the Egyptians had used magic spells to move the stones. This type of magic is also reported in Mayan and Greek legends as well as in the Bible. The tumbling walls of Jericho, it is noted, might even be seen as a kind of levitation in reverse. Levitation may also have provided the means by which the ancient residents of Easter Island transported their huge stone monoliths.

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