Bermuda Triangle and Oceanic Fields

The Bermuda Triangle is an ocean area, hazily defined by Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico (Figure 2.34). This is the region where overzealous authors have insisted that mysterious forces, usually magnetic, have caused the disappearance of ships and planes since records have beeen kept, following Columbus's voyage of discovery. To create even more mystery, writers have also grossly distorted the incidence of military plane loss in that triangle. Modern magnetic charts show that there is most certainly no unique geomagnetic field observed in that ocean region. Serious researchers have proved that, given the weather and traffic, the number of ships and planes lost within the Bermuda Triangle is not unusual.2 Responsible analysis of the evidence shows that the only true mystery is why some of the public persists in believing this foolishness.

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A Magnetic Island is located just offshore from Townsville, Australia. It was named in 1770 by the famous explorer, Captain James Cook, who thought his ship's compass behaved wildly near that location. Scientists have found no unique field in the region to justify Cook's report, although the island's name remains. Most likely, some temporary shifting of metal objects aboard Cook's ship caused his compass problem.

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