This book is written by a world-renowned scientist. It provides a wealth of scientific information about a relevant topic, magnetic fields, in a way that is state-of-the-science, yet fun to read.

Dr. Campbell has authored several well-known books. His recent book, Introduction to Geomagnetic Fields, is one of the most important references in our field. He has also authored numerous articles published in scientific journals in which his peers subject papers to critical review. In addition, national and international agencies and corporations routinely seek his advice. Thus, Dr. Campbell is a respected leader in geophysics and space physics, not just geomagnetism.

Dr. Campbell carries an unbridled enthusiasm for geomagnetism, which he is willing and able to share with scientists and nonscientists alike. He presents the state of the science in a wonderful and meaningful way. The relevant principles and physics of magnetism are discussed in a complete, yet easy-to-understand way. The Earth's main field and its origin and changes are simply and clearly presented. Dr. Campbell discusses the effects of particles and fields of solar, interplanetary, and near-Earth space origin on measurements of the Earth's magnetic field. He presents these external currents as the result of both normal and unusual solar emissions, including large solar flares and coronal mass ejections spewing copious fluxes of charged particles with their associated magnetic and electric fields. These events frequently cause significant changes in the near-Earth space environment that have been named magnetic storms and substorms. He presents this information with respect to its impact on technology in space and on the ground, including telecommunications, satellite operations, satellite drag, and radio propagation, and he relates these effects to events that occur in our daily lives. He also tackles the controversial false science as it relates to geomagnetic fields.

Dr. Campbell has accepted the difficult task of talking to all of us about a complex and difficult-to-understand part of our environment, the magnetic field of the Earth, and he does so with superb clarity, simplicity, and practicality.

Dr. Herbert W. Kroehl General Secretary, International Association for Geomagnetism andAeronomy

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