Making and Keeping Friends

Making and Keeping Friends

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Species Of Friendship

Species of Friendship is a collage of e-mails that I sent to my academic colleagues, dogland mentors, agility trainers and fellow players, human family, and a motley of friends between 1999 and 2004. The correspondence is part of Notes of a Sportswriter's Daughter, which I started in honor of my journalist father, in order to explore some of the excitement, intensity, puzzlement, insight, friendship, competitiveness, love, support, and vulnerability that erupt in the worlds of sports-oriented companion species. The posts range from meditations about dog behavior at an off-leash beach to witnessing the pragmatics of comfort shared between my dying mother-in-law and our dogs. These e-mails are an odd hybrid of field notes, letters, and personal journal entries. They also read like love letters to particular dogs my agility partners, Roland and Cayenne. Other posts from these Notes pepper the chapters of this book. E-mail sociality is a lively scholarly topic these days, and perhaps...

Some of My Best Friends Are Dolphins

It was my practice to spend a week or two each winter in the Caribbean, mostly snorkeling and scuba diving - examining the non-mammalian inhabitants of the Caribbean waters. Because of my acquaintance and later friendship with John Lilly, I was also able to spend some days with Lilly's dolphins in Coral Gables and in his research station at St. Thomas in the U. S. Virgin Islands. It is at this point that the ultimate significance of dolphins in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence emerges. It is not a question of whether we are emotionally prepared in the long run to confront a message from the stars. It is whether we can develop a sense that beings with quite different evolutionary histories, beings who may look far different from us, even monstrous, may, nevertheless, be worthy of friendship and reverence, brotherhood and trust. We have far to go while there is every sign that the human community is moving in this direction, the question is, are we moving fast enough The...

Gifted Young Tuscan

Galileo well knew what an artist's life was like. It was at about this time that he struck up a close friendship with Lodovico Cardi, known by the name Cigoli, who was barely five years his senior. At an early age this gifted painter was commissioned by the Medici family and was rated as the finest among his contemporaries in Florence.

Marvellous Combination of Circumstances

However, with the passing of the weeks both Galileo and Cesi realised that despite the amicable reception, they had not got very far in moderating the terms on which cosmology could be discussed. Urban exuded friendship and respect - the Pope even wrote a warm letter of recommendation for Galileo to take back to the court at Florence. But the decrees from 1616 remained firm. It was indeed possible to write about the Copernican system as a hypothesis and a basis for calculation, but only as long as one explicitly distanced oneself from the idea that it represented a physical reality. Urban clung to his theologically based scepticism God's ways could not be described fully by human intellect. And so ultimate proof that Copernicus was right could never be brought. It was not even theoretically possible to bring such a proof.

Gas Giants And Ice Moons

These encounters became bonding experiences for our community, part scientific conference, part family reunion, part soap opera. Each time our beloved robot craft plunged through yet another new system of worlds there was a gathering of the tribes as scientists and reporters descended on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, where the pictures and other information came down. Friendships formed and solidified. Romances began and ended. Some of those who were instrumental early in the mission were no longer with us at the later encounters.

Conclusions and Future Directions

Adversaries, such as predators and prey (Dawkins and Krebs 1979). The Red Queen hypothesis, that any gain in fitness by one unit of evolution is balanced by equivalent losses in fitness by others (van Valen 1973), may provide the most appropriate framework for analyzing reproductive strategies as a zero-sum game between opposing males and females (Chapman and Partridge 1996 Rice and Holland 1997). This does not mean, however, that conflict universally characterizes the phenotypic expression of male and female interaction. Affiliation and intersexual cooperation may be one outcome of this coevolutionary conflict, as suggested for chacma baboon friendships. Indeed, the chacma baboon and chimpanzee together highlight the view of universals as process, rather than as pattern. Current evidence suggests that sexually selected infanticide has generated two distinct modes of female counterstrategy in these species promiscuity and association with males. The patterns are different, but the...

Playing With Strangers

Safi was bioanthropologist Barbara Smuts's eighty-pound German shepherd-Belgian sheepdog mix, and Wister was a neighbor's donkey. Meeting in a remote part of Wyoming, dog and donkey lived near each other for five months. Wister was no fool he knew his ancestors were lunch for Safi's ancestors. Around other dogs, Wister took precautions, braying loudly and kicking threateningly. He certainly did not invite them into predator chases for fun. When he first saw Safi, he charged her and kicked. But, Smuts relates, Safi had a long history of befriending critters from cats and ferrets to squirrels, and she set to work on Wister, her first large herbivore buddy, soliciting and inviting, skillfully and repeatedly, until he took the great leap to risk an off-category friendship.

Dispute About Objects that Float in Water

Galileo was staying with his good friend, the wealthy Salviati, at the Villa delle Selve - the house by the woods . It was beautifully situated on a prominence near the little town of Signa, roughly half way between Florence and Pisa. From the noble house with its simple, firm Renaissance style, orchards of olive trees and vineyards stretched all the way down to the Arno. Salviati would retire here with his friends when the summer heat became too oppressive in Florence.

Kenneth C Turner Spreading the word or how the news went from Princeton to Holmdel

At Princeton I had been a member of the Dicke group investigating the experimental foundations of general relativity and any other cosmological or gravitational effect we could think up. Jim Peebles was also a member of the group and a good friend, so when I heard that he was going to give a talk at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Baltimore I made it a point to attend. Jim outlined the current activities of the group, which included an experiment to look for the red-shifted primordial radiation of the big bang, which was expected to peak in the microwave region. Although this had been predicted by Gamow and Alpher some 20 or so years before, that prediction was lost in the literature and was unknown to the Dicke group at the time.

Partnerships and capacity building for securing giant pandas ex situ and in situ how zoos are contributing to

Third, and in our opinion the most important, partnerships evolved from personal interactions among people devoted to giant panda science and related training. The result has been substantial cross-institutional and interdisciplinary studies (highlighted throughout this book) as well as a rapidly growing list of other publications throughout the scientific literature. We are frankly unsure why these social interactions progressed so quickly, including the formation of sincere friendships that continue today. Perhaps it has something to do with the natural camaraderie arising from the risks that like-minded people took in collecting biological data from numerous anaesthetised giant pandas, arguably one of the most precious species on the planet. It is also related to spending every waking moment together as a team, eating meals together and unwinding as a group in the evenings. These teams became

Running To Stay In The Same Place

Well, perhaps folie (madness) doesn't quite do justice to the seriousness of the matter, for the penalty of failure on either side is death - murder on the side of the prey, starvation on the side of the predator. But a deux captures handily the feeling that, if only hunter and hunted could sit down together and hammer out a sensible agreement, everybody would be better off. Just as with the trees in the Forest of Friendship, it is easy to see how such a compact would benefit them, if only it could be made to stick. The same sense of futility as we encountered in the forest pervades the predator prey arms race. Over evolutionary time, predators get better at catching prey, which prompts prey animals to get better at evading capture. Both sides in parallel improve their equipment to survive, but neither necessarily survives any better - because the other side is improving its equipment too. On the other hand, it is easy to see how a central planner, with the welfare of the whole...

Space Does Not Forgive Mistakes

As Marina recalls, My father liked friendship. In our 11-storey building lived the cosmonauts of the first and second groups Gagarin, Titov, Teryeshkova, Komarov, Beregovoy. They were like members of the single spaceship crew - our building. My father especially respected the heroic past of cosmonaut Beregovoy.'' Eduard Buynovskiy was another member of that cosmonaut group I remember Zhora as extremely sympathetic, always tidy, perfect, correct and well meant, and as a man who liked friendship.

Would Like So Much To Explore

Gallo Matese Perrino

Viktor's best friends among the civilian cosmonauts were Nikolay Rukavishnikov and Oleg Makarov. According to his son, Dmitriy, Viktor was also a close friend of Vladimir Nikitsky, who was assigned to the lunar training group but had to leave the civilian cosmonauts in May 1968 after being injured in an automobile accident. They all lived in the same neighbourhood, and their families were also friends. His sister Galina recalls ''When he moved to work at the Korolev design bureau, Viktor began to tell me of Tsiolkovskiy, Kibalchich and Tsander. In December 1968, while walking on the frozen Volga River, he said 'Such people, you can meet only once in a hundred years.' He respected them all so much. Also, he spoke of the flights of Gagarin, Teryeshkova and Beregovoy. My mother told me that Viktor was working with the cosmonauts. But we didn't know he was already a cosmonaut himself '' However, Svetlana Patsayeva thinks that her mother did know ''In our family, we didn't talk about it....

Aleksey Arkhipovich Leonov

Salyut Leonov

A 38-km-diameter crater on the Moon has been named after him. Having previously co-authored two books, in 2004 he co-authored Two Sides of the Moon with the American astronaut David R. Scott, in which they interleave their parallel stories in the rival space programmes as a unique dual autobiography. Although he travels a lot, Leonov frequently indulges his old passion by painting cosmic themes. So far, eight albums of paintings have been published with Leonov as author or co-author.

Counterstrategy Male Female Association

Unsurprisingly, lactating females exhibit conspicuous and aroused aversion to newly immigrated alpha males, including continual retrieval of infants, screaming, and tail-up displays (Busse 1984). They almost always establish a friendship with an unrelated, adult male shortly after parturition (Busse 1981 Palombit et al. 1997). Friendships can be unambiguously differentiated from a female's relationships with other males in the group on the basis of spatial association, grooming, infant handling, and vocal interaction (reviewed by Palombit 2009). Ad libitum evidence suggests that friendship status increases a male's defense of infants during potentially (or actual) infanticidal attacks. Although several males may rush to the scene of such attacks, it is primarily the male friend of the infant's mother who provides direct, apparently costly forms of defense, such as fighting or threatening the alpha male, or carrying the infant. Experimental playback experiments further showed that male...

Arecibo Interstellar Message

Edmonds Scientific Telescopes Form 1974

To help inaugurate the powerful radio radar telescope of the Arecibo Observatory in the tropical jungles of Puerto Rico, an interstellar message of friendship was beamed to the fringes of the Milky Way galaxy. On November 16, 1974, this interstellar radio signal was transmitted toward the Great Cluster in Hercules (Messier 13 or M13, for short), which lies about 25,000 light-years away from Earth. The globular cluster M13 contains about 300,000 stars within a radius of approximately 18 light-years.

John Faulkner The day Fred Hoyle thought he had disproved the big bang theory

Jayant Narlikar and I had often studied in the same library areas during our Part III year. We were on pleasant nodding terms, but it was not until we found ourselves both graduate students of Fred's that we became very good friends. Jayant knew of my originally expressed interest in relativity

How to Go to Heaven Not How the Heavens Go

As these well known pieces of information obviously were insufficient, Caccini went a step further. He claimed that another Dominican in Florence had heard the disrespectful way some of Galileo's followers had spoken of God and his saints. In addition, he aired Galileo's old friendship with the infamous Paolo Sarpi in Venice, and opined that the two still corresponded by letter. (This was correct - Galileo wrote to the ageing monk, telling him about his discoveries.) Byway of conclusion he emphasised the dubious aspects of the Accademia dei Lincei - especially that its academicians patently corresponded with Germans. Galileo recalled his triumphal progress in Rome four years previously. Now he was ill and unable to work for long periods. Even so, he believed it was imperative for him to return in person to bolster his friends and win round doubters and opponents. He must make the Jesuit astronomers show their true colours, and ensure Maffeo Barberini's continued friendship and...

Donald E Osterbrock The helium content of the universe

I think Martin suggested to Rogerson and me that we review the status of the helium abundance in the objects we knew best the Sun, on which Jack had done a lot of research while a Carnegie postdoctoral fellow at Mt. Wilson, and gaseous nebulae, with which I was familiar. I had seen Rogerson often in his two years in Pasadena, and we were good friends.

Introduction And History Of Discoveries

This study was funded as a part of the Leverhulme Trust project 'Ancient Human Occupation of Britain'. Writing took place in the Dept. of Prehistory and Europe at the British Museum and I thank Jill Cook, head of the Quaternary Section, and Nick Ashton, Senior Curator, for their support. I would like to thank all the curators and staV of the institutions whose collections I have used in piecing together this account the Trustees of the British Museum for permission to Wgure material from the collection John Prag and Phil Manning at Manchester Museum and Ian Wall at the Creswell Crags Museum and Education Centre for allowing me to include drawings and photographs of specimens in their charge. My thanks are also due to Daryl Garton for permitting the study of the material from Farndon Fields and to Jenny Brown for all her help. The drawings of quartzite artefacts are by Mike Angel and those of the flint artefacts by Hazel Martingell. The bone and antler objects from Church Hole were...

Micromutations or macromutations

It thus introduces discontinuity into the evolutionary process and is a true punctuational event. If macromutations do occur and give rise to new species, then the macromutationists - and Darwin's good friend Thomas Henry Huxley was among their number - may justifiably gainsay Darwin's dictum and declare that Nature does progress by leaps. That is a very big if.

Bernard F Burke Radio astronomy from first contacts to the CMBR

As the end of my thesis work approached, I had to find a position, and I interviewed for a job with Harald Friis at Holmdel, the Bell Laboratories field station. He emphasized that they were in the telephone business. Radio astronomy was never mentioned. I met and got to know Bob Dicke, a good friend of Woody's, and knew about his K-band radiometer measurements on the roof of Building 20. The famous picture of Bob holding the shaggy dog in front of the radiometer horn was well known, and his derivation of the atmospheric K-band absorption that degraded K-band radar was also well-known. I probably knew about his upper limit to the cosmic background (Dicke et al. 1946), but its future connection to radio astronomy did not make much of an impression at the time.

Several Signs in the

Victorian Homes Vancouver

But it was not only a homecoming, it was also a leave-taking. He left behind Sarpi, Sagredo and other good friends in Padua and Venice, as well as an employer - the Venetian Senate - which was not pleased at his departure, as he had accepted the agreement of employment for life. Some of his friends thought he was acting very rashly in leaving the relatively liberal Venice. In Tuscany his room for manoeuvre would be dependent on the favour of the Grand Duke.

The Hammer of the Heretics

Galileo tried to keep his distance from this enthusiast, who almost seemed to be begging for friendship and scientific contact from his prison cell. Even though Campanella did not lack connections all the way up to the CollegeofCardinals, itwas notenthusiasticsupport from asuspected heretic and convicted rebel that Galileo needed most. Campanella's defence was smuggled out of the Italian region and printed a few years later in Frankfurt, in 1622. No sooner had the first copies reached Rome, than the book was banned.

Altruism And The Human Colony

A stable reciprocal altruistic relationship is equivalent to a friendship. The actors do not need to be related for this system to work as long as it is balanced. Many primates like baboons will form male-male coalitions against higher ranking males. Often grooming another individual will be considered like a down payment for future help if attacked by a

Malcolm S Longair Moscow

The theme of this collection of essays is cosmology and the big bang and so I will concentrate upon the astrophysicists and cosmologists whose work was most influential in these areas. Let me emphasize the great privilege it was to be on friendly terms with many of those listed below, despite the fact that contact with a long-term visitor from the West carried the potential of making difficulties for them. I had nothing but goodwill and lasting friendships with many of them. This concern applies equally to trying to disentangle how Zel'dovich and his colleagues were able to overcome all the impediments of the system and produce science of the very highest quality. For me, all the astrophysicists on my list of key players are heroic figures in that they overcame the somewhat unnatural constraints on normal scientific discourse and carried out wonderful and original science. I owe them more than can be adequately expressed in words for the scientific enlightenment they so generously...

Lecturer and Designer

Providing lodging and tuition to aristocratic students supplemented his income. Galileo was perennially short of money. He was paying dowry instalments, convent fees, music lessons and the living expenses of his mother and brother. Furthermore, he was a man in his best years, and life was not all experimenting and teaching. He soon made friends, good friends, both in Padua and in Venice.

The bone wars

I had a good look through the museum and must say that I was very impressed by its displays. The quality of fossil specimens, the accurate information supplied on the labels, the scenic backdrops and atmospheric lighting all showed that it was professionally put together, with an impressive budget for design and exhibition planning. One of my good friends in Perth, Travis Tischler, a renowned sculptor of prehistoric animals, was commissioned to make several models for the museum, and I was the palaeontologist who signed off on their authenticity. So, I reasoned, most of the scientific displays there would also have been checked out by other palaeontologists.

Rodent Experiments

The hyperdrive units did not create unpleasant side-effects for the mice because their brains had no pain receptors. ''It's actually crucial to us that our animals are quite happy, not suffering in any way,'' said psychologist Bruce McNaughton of the University of Arizona, a memory and ageing expert. ''If they are, they won't perform the tasks we ask them to. So it's extremely important in our line of research that we make extremely good friends with our animals.''

The Case Of The Face

It's important to remember that conspiracy theories are not always wrong. Things that sound crazy sometimes aren't. A good friend of mine grew up in Argentina. When he was a teenager there during the 1970s, some swore that people were disappearing without a trace. For a while his family, and most everyone they knew, dismissed this as wacky paranoia. Now we know about Argentina's Dirty War when the fascist government disappeared thousands of liberals, intellectuals, and suspected or potential dissidents. This really happened, but some who first tried to call attention to it were dismissed as crazies. From this we should not conclude that every bizarre theory is true, but we should at least briefly consider the possible truth of things that sound crazy if a lot of people believe they are happening.*

Breaking the link

Alan Bean found Dick Gordon's reaction to sending his crewmates away on Apollo 12 remarkably sanguine. Gordon and Conrad had flown together on Gemini 11, although their friendship went back to Patuxent River Naval Air Station where they were both test pilots and good buddies. Although Gordon's friendship with the likeable and super-competent Conrad had helped to seal his place on Gemini, the experience subsequently gained prevented him from taking a ride to the Moon's surface. Deke Slayton, who decided Apollo's crewing arrangements, generally gave command to the most experienced in a crew, and that was Conrad. Because he wanted the CMP to have had experience of rendezvous, in case the CSM had to rescue an ailing LM, he allowed Gordon to fly the CSM solo. Twenty-three years later, the third member of this friendly crew, Al Bean, completed a painting that imagined Gordon being down on the surface with his two buddies. In his notes on that painting, Bean stated, ''Dick was the more...


When I organized the first brief survey of selected British caves for possible art, I and the other members of the team had no idea that we would actually find any. While I agreed with Paul Bahn that it was certainly worth a try, if I were a gambling man I'd have wagered money on the fact that nothing would be found. Thankfully I am not, and I have never been so pleased to have been so wrong. Creswell was, in fact, the first port of call on an itinerary that would take us on to Cheddar Gorge, the Gower Peninsula, and Devon. My strategy involved concentrating on caves and gorges that seemed to attract relatively large amounts of activity in the Late Upper Palaeolithic. There is, of course, no compelling reason why art, ifit was to be found, should be found at such places, but in the absence of any other guiding principles it seemed logical that if we stood a chance of finding any it would be maximized at places which Upper Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers knew well and appeared to return...


This endeavour would not have been possible without the incredible trust and accessibility to expertise, physical resources and especially the animals offered by Chinese colleagues. Their confidence, friendship, enthusiasm and hospitality were inspiring. The CBSG Biomedical Survey was possible first because of the enormous amounts of time dedicated by all members of the team - more than 65 active investigators. Anju Zhang, Zhihe Zhang, Guangxin He, Hemin Zhang, Jinquo Zhang, Don Janssen and JoGayle Howard played particularly important leadership roles in the myriad of survey responsibilities, especially in planning, interpretation and follow-up. We thank the directors of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Chengdu Zoo, Chongqing Zoo, Beijing Zoo and the China Conservation and Research Centre for providing physical resources and animals, as Finally, during the course of this work, we (and the entire conservation community) lost two colleagues who were intimately...

Very Human Machine

Their secretary, Roz Hobgood, was virtually an eighth crew member. ''I was greeted with hugs in the morning,'' she told an Amarillo Globe journalist. ''Every day I had candy or flowers.'' She recalled helping Rick Husband clear boxes when he moved into his new office, talking to Mike Anderson about his beloved Porsche, taking her first trip in a hot-air balloon thanks to Dave Brown, tackling Kalpana Chawla's brain-teasing questions, enjoying the childlike enthusiasm of Willie McCool and the warm friendship of Laurel Clark . . . and even mistakenly thinking Ilan Ramon was dyslexic when he wrote, it seemed, 'backwards' in Hebrew

Galileo Galilei

There, his judges awaited him the heads of the Holy Office, the Council of Cardinals. But the Council was not complete. If Galileo had raised his eyes - his sight was no longer very good - to seek a glimpse of friendship or encouragement from Cardinal Francesco Barberini, it would have been in vain. The Pope's nephew was not there, and two other cardinals were missing as well.

The Solar Economy

Imagine the fate of a hypothetical forest - let's call it the Forest of Friendship - in which, by some mysterious concordat, all the trees have somehow managed to achieve the desirable aim of lowering the entire canopy to 10 feet. The canopy looks just like any other forest canopy except that it is only 10 feet high instead of 100 feet. From the point of view of a planned economy, the Forest of Friendship is more efficient as a forest than the tall forests with which we are familiar, because resources are not put into producing massive trunks that have no purpose apart from competing with other trees. But now, suppose one mutant tree were to spring up in the middle of the Forest of Friendship. This rogue tree grows marginally taller than the 'agreed' norm of 10 feet. Immediately, this mutant secures a competitive advantage. Admittedly, it has to pay the cost of the extra length of trunk. But it is more than compensated, as long as all other trees obey the self-denying ordinance,...

On Human Nature

Some forms of gestural symbolic language, of course, originated much earlier than the primates canines and many other mammals who form dominance hierarchies may indicate submission by averting the eyes or baring the neck. We have mentioned other submissive rituals in primates such as macaques. The human greetings of bow, nod and curtsy may have a similar origin. Many animals seem to signal friendship by biting, but not hard enough to hurt, as if to say, I am able to bite you but choose not to do so. The raising of the right hand as a symbol of greeting among humans has precisely the same significance I could attack you with a weapon but choose not to wield one. *

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