time these, too, vanished from the fossil record. They have no living relatives closer than the largest living marsupials, the red and gray kangaroos, which are in a different family. The stocky diprotodons were not designed to bound along like kangaroos.

Australia lost a number of its kangaroos. There had been a proliferation of kangaroo species in two genera, Sthenurus (now extinct) and Macropus (the genus harboring multiple living species, plus many fossil species). While the living large kangaroos are grazers, the extinct kangaroos included browsing species. As with other Australian marsupials, the extinct kangaroo species appear to have been less swift, not as well designed as the surviving large kangaroos to escape cursorial predators (those adapted for running). Australian paleontologists such as Mike Archer, Peter Murray, and Tom Rich offer reconstructions (see figure 4).

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