The Dinosaur Debates Continue

Today, many scientists believe the asteroid theory is the best explanation for the end of the dinosaurs. However, this is still the subject of scientific debate. For example, some scientists argue that the dinosaurs had been dying off for millions of years before the asteroid(s) hit Earth. If they were already a dying race, then an asteroid crash may have been the final straw, but not the only reason, for their extinction.

The scientific process is never over. New evidence is constantly being discovered to challenge older theories. New perspectives on older theories also provide lively debate in scientific conferences and literature. These debates force scientists to prove a hypothesis with predictable, repeatable results in order to be taken seriously. Recently, scientists discovered other sedimentary rocks that contain tektites, shocked quartz, and iridium. These rocks date back millions of years, but do not match up with any times of mass extinction. This throws a shadow of doubt on the asteroid theory of dinosaur extinction, but before we can really decide if this evidence is worthy, it needs to undergo further scientific scrutiny and testing.

In Darwin's age, scientists used pencil and paper to figure out long mathematical equations. Today, we have sophisticated computers that can calculate in five minutes what it took Darwin's contemporaries years to do. Computers and other advanced technology allow today's scientists to delve even deeper into the mysteries of the fossil record, and to learn more about life's evolution each year. To prove this point, in the past five years, scientists have uncovered new evidence that shows how volcanic eruptions can also create high iridium levels in sedimentary rock. Will this evidence prove that volcanoes, not asteroids, actually caused the K-T mass extinction? Read on to the next chapter to uncover the evidence.


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