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Section Some important individual figures

The most famous of the great figures of the Enlightenment was the witty and prolific French writer Fran ois Marie Arouet (1694-1778), better know by his pseudonym Voltaire. As a young man, Voltaire's anti-establishment comments got him thrown in jail, and for a while he was forced to leave France. The two years he then spent in England were a turning point in his life, and he became convinced of the superiority of the English constitutional system over the authoritarian regime operating in his native land. After returning to France, he wrote his first major philosophical work, Letters on the English, a book whose publication in 1734 might be taken as the start of the Enlightenment. Although personally rather anti-Semitic, Voltaire was a passionate opponent of religious persecution, and he inveighed against it constantly. He was also a consistent proponent of freedom of speech. His attitude was, I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it, although...

Section Characteristic attitudes

Anti-monarchical attitudes were also commonplace among the philosophers of the Enlightenment. Some of them merely wished to replace absolute monarchies with Most of the philosophers involved in the Enlightenment were enthusiastic about scientific progress, and virtually all were scornful of superstition. In economic matters, they tended to favor fewer government restrictions on private transactions, and they strongly favored the rights of private property. Most of them supported freedom of speech, press, and religion and they were opposed to slavery and serfdom.

Section The American constitutional convention

The nature of the government that the Americans adopted after gaining independence from England was strongly influenced by the ideas of the Enlightenment. Among the signs of this are 1) The American colonists' Declaration of Independence (1776) prominently mentioned natural rights, a characteristic idea of the Enlightenment.

Section Introduction

The Industrial Revolution that commenced in the 18th century has radically altered the material circumstances of human beings. At the same time as that revolution was starting in England, another quite different movement, an intellectual revolution was going on in Western Europe, one which was radically altering the way men think, and which would ultimately give rise to a new civilization. That intellectual movement is usually called the Enlightenment, and its central idea was the notion that all existing institutions and beliefs should be re-examined by the untrammeled application of human reason. This basic notion led to new ideas in many different fields of thought, including political theory, economic theory, and legal reform, but most of all in matters concerning religion. In keeping with the central theme of the Enlightenment, most of the philosophers involved were deeply skeptical of all revealed religions and their doctrines. Many of those philosophers were deists who believed...

Section The French Revolution

It seems clear, however, that the key factor leading to the French Revolution was a change in public attitudes toward the monarchy, a change that derived from the Enlightenment. Many Frenchmen had come to believe that the existing system of government was so inefficient, so unreasonable, and so inequitable that it could no longer be defended. The French government, those persons felt, must be reformed, and the reforms could wait no longer.

Sources and Suggested Readings

Several secondary sources by the leading experts on James Hutton were very useful, especially for the second half of the book Dennis R. Dean's James Hutton and the History of Geology (Ithaca Cornell University Press, 1992) and his James Hutton and His Public, 1785-1802, Annals of Science, vol. 30 (1973) Jean Jones's James Hutton, in The Scottish Enlightenment, 1730-1790 A Hotbed of Genius, ed. David Daiches, Peter Jones, and Jean Jones (Edinburgh The Saltire Society, 1996) and her James Hutton's Agricultural Research and His Life as a Farmer, Annals of Science, vol. 42 (1985) and Donald R. McIntyre and Alan McKirdy's James Hutton The Founder of Modern Geology (Edinburgh The National Museums of Scotland Publishing, 2001). Each of these fine scholars has written numerous articles on specific topics, and these are cited below.

Emergence Of Intellectual Differences

All of these factors had begun to change by 1800. In 1791, France became the first country in Europe to grant legal equality to the Jews, and Napoleon's conquests spread that policy over much of Europe. Even in countries without full civil equality, such as Great Britain, Jews generally enjoyed increased rights. Movements within Judaism began to support Enlightenment values and escape from the ghetto, and things began to happen. As the British historian Eric Hobsbawm has said, It is as though the lid had been removed from a pressure cooker. 25

Matching Earth Time deposits around the world

James Hutton, 1726-97, Scottish Enlightenment natural philosopher who studied medicine in Leiden, Holland, pioneered agricultural improvement and geological studies of volcanic and stratified rocks. His Theory of the Earth, 1788, was highly influential but mostly through Playfair's 1802 version.

Tether Stability and Control

All the different ways in which a space tether can oscillate can be easily simulated using a ball hanging on a length of elastic cord. You can bounce the ball up and down, compressing and stretching the cord. This type of movement is called longitudinal oscillation or spring-mass oscillation. You can also induce a circular, skip-rope motion in the cord, or swing it back and forth in a pendulous motion. Quickly moving the end of the cord up and down in a whipping motion develops transverse oscillations, also known as traveling waves. And with some tension on the cord you can make it vibrate like a huge guitar string. Finally, there is torsion, which is rotation along the length axis of the cord. You can simulate this by winding up the cord and letting go. The ball will rapidly spin up, overshoot the zero-stress point, slow down, and then spin up in the opposite direction and so on until the movement dampens out.

Debates and the geosphere

Comets were particularly noticeable in the last quarter of the seventeenth century, with a bright comet seen in 1680 and another in 1682. William Whiston (1666-1753) was perhaps the first to argue that comets might have played a role in Earth history, speculating that a comet approaching close by the Earth in the year 2349 BC had led to widespread flooding and wholesale extinction of animals, plants, and humans (Whiston 1696). Edmund Halley (1656-1742), in a paper read to the Royal Society in 1694, proposed that a collision between the Earth and comet had been God's instrument for unleashing a cataclysm as enormous and powerful as Noah's (Halley 1724-5). At the conclusion of his classic paper on comets, Halley (1705) noted that the comet of 1680 had come close to the Earth and was prompted to write 'But what might be the consequences of so near an appulse or of a contact or lastly, a shock of the celestial bodies, (which is by no means impossible to come to pass) I leave to be...

Towards a theology of evolution

Despite this, such scientists have no foundation for their reaction against pointlessness other than the not unworthy and intuitive sense that the world should be built as it is embedded in the Universe are not only neutrons but such edicts as, to echo Chesterton, 'Thou shalt not steal.' Greene has other trenchant comments that are also surely apposite. As he remarks, in the field of evolution the term 'progress' must be value-free and can only mean 'survival'. He continues, 'One would like to feel optimistic about the scientific mythology that has grown up around the theory of evolution, but it is hard to do so.' And he reminds us that in the hands of some practitioners the analysis of evolution is more like that of a myth, and one that is intellectually dishonest, 'employing teleological and vitalistic figures of speech to describe processes that are advertised as mechanistic and pretending to derive from evolutionary biology values that stem from classical, Judaeo-Christian, and...

From The War Of Nature From Famine And Death

Yes, there is grandeur in this view of life, and even a kind of grandeur in nature's serene indifference to the suffering that inexorably follows in the wake of its guiding principle, survival of the fittest. Theologians may here wince at this echo of a familiar ploy in theodicy, in which suffering is seen as an inevitable correlate of free will. Biologists, for their part, will find 'inexorably' by no means too strong when they reflect - perhaps along the lines of my 'red flag' meditation of the previous chapter - on the biological function of the capacity to suffer. If animals aren't suffering, somebody isn't working hard enough at the business of gene survival.

Two unusual Associated Artifacts in the Internal Context

Submandibular Gland Mri Anatomy Opening

The second case is that of unusual artifacts associated with a self-mummified Buddhist monk, Luang Pho Dang Piyasilo. Luang Pho Dang passed away in the 1970s at the age of 79, and his mummified body is at the Wat Khunaram temple on Ko Samui Island of Thailand (Mummy in Shades 2002). The first unusual artifact apparent to the unaided eye is the sunglasses the mummy, seated in a lotus meditation position, is wearing (Figure 7.33). The monks placed the sunglasses on Luang Pho Dang to hide the sunken eyes from the view of children who, along with others, came to pay their respects and pray to the mummified monk. The initial radiographs not only demonstrated the sunglasses but also revealed another unusual artifact. Luang Pho Dang wore dentures (Figure 7.34). Endoscopy was conducted with the instrument entering the oral pharynx through the mouth, the nasal cavity from the nares, and the endocranial cavity through the supraorbital fissure of the right eye. In each of these cavities,...

The Neanderthal As Object Of Scholarly Contention

Eukaryote Cell Under Electron Microscope

Natural partiality of a race, could only support this interpretation. As he said The Neanderthal skull should provisionally be regarded only as a remarkable unique appearance. Until we gain further enlightenment from parallel discoveries, we must hold to the belief that this is a case of a completely idiosyncratic formation.

The Ancient and Legendary Gods of

One result of popular interest is that I receive a great deal of mail, all kinds of mail, some of it very pleasant, such as from the people who wrote poems and sonnets about the plaque on Pioneer 10 some of it from schoolchildren who wish me to write their weekly assignments for them some from strangers who want to borrow money some from individuals who wish me to check out their detailed plans for ray guns, time warps, spaceships, or perpetual motion machines and some from advocates of various arcane disciplines such as astrology, ESP, UFO-contact stories, the speculative fiction of von Danniken, witchcraft, palmistry, phrenology, tea-leaf reading, Tarot cards, the I-Ching, transcendental meditation, and the psychedelic drug experience. Occasionally, also, there are sadder stories, such as from a woman who was talked to from her shower head by inhabitants of the planet Venus, or from a man who tried to file suit against the Atomic Energy Commission for tracking his every movement...

Section Political and social changes within Europe

Since the social and political history of 19th-century Europe is well covered in many history books, I will mention only the main trends here. In the course of the century, several of the attitudes of the Enlightenment spread widely within Europe. Among these attitudes were

Across The Great Divide

We scientists view the question as part of our turf, as the proper subject of astrobiology. In recent decades, however, another train of belief has been gathering steam on a parallel track. Although science has been on a roll of confidence and power since the Enlightenment, antiscientific voices are increasingly audible on the cultural airwaves. Creationism, faith healing, astrology, postmodern relativism, and New Age spirituality are among those beliefs that mainstream science regards as dangerous superstitions threatening the rational basis of our society. Many adherents of these beliefs view science as equally dangerous, threatening our very survival with an amoral, materialistic, antispiritual attitude and an out-of-control pursuit of new technology. Nowhere is the gulf between expert scientific opinion and popular folk beliefs greater than on the subject of aliens.

Ancestral Cloud

Long before we became creatures living within a planetary biosphere, and just before we became a preplanetary disk of debris circling a young Sun, we were a molecular cloud floating in the arms of the Milky Way. Then, everything in our entire solar system was smoothly blended, drifting together in this diffuse cloud of gas and dust. You, me, the Elephant Man, the Dalai Lama, the neighbor's barking dog, the flower shop down the street, the Great Wall of China, the core of the Earth, the Sun, and the planet Neptune we were all one. Of course we still are, but back then it would have been obvious even without the aid of meditation, psychedelics, or quantum mechanics, as we were all ground up and comingled, all one and the same cloud.

Need To Know

What seem to be convincing clues to our real origins, a story about a point of nothingness exploding and evolving over billions of years to generate our entire universe of galaxies and flowers, and many regard the tale as Dullsville. Maybe we're not telling it in the right way.

Section Origins

Among the precursors of the Enlightenment were the Renaissance and the Reformation. The writings of Ren Descartes (1596-1650) and of the English philosophers Francis Bacon (1561-1626) and John Locke (1632-1704) were also influential. Perhaps even more important was the impact of the rise of science. The intellectual grandeur of the Newtonian system, with its remarkable explanatory power, stimulated the expectation that human reason could solve all problems. In addition, the Church's frequent opposition to free discussion of scientific matters (Galileo's conviction by the Roman Inquisition was a notorious example) was a factor in the anti-clerical attitude of the Enlightenment philosophers.


David Daiches, The Scottish Enlightenment, in David Daiches, Peter Jones, and Jean Jones, eds., The Scottish Enlightenment, 1730-1790 A Hotbed of Genius (Edinburgh The Saltire Society, 1996). Jean Jones, James Hutton, in David Daiches, Peter Jones, and Jean Jones, eds., The Scottish Enlightenment, 1730-1790 A Hotbed of Genius (Edinburgh The Saltire Society, 1996).

Chapter Seven

Anderson, Joseph Black, in The Scottish Enlightenment, 1730-1790 A Hotbed of Genius, ed. David Daiches, Peter Jones, and Jean Jones (Edinburgh The Saltire Society, 1996). Alexander Broadie, ed., The Scottish Enlightenment An Anthology (Edinburgh Canongate Books, 1997). David Daiches, The Scottish Enlightenment, in The Scottish Enlightenment, 1730-1790 A Hotbed of Genius, ed. David Daiches, Peter Jones, and Jean Jones (Edinburgh The Saltire Society, 1996). Peter Jones, David Hume, in The Scottish Enlightenment, 1730-1790 A Hotbed of Genius, ed. David Daiches, Peter Jones, and Jean Jones (Edinburgh The Saltire Society, 1996). D. D. Raphael, Adam Smith, in The Scottish Enlightenment,

Mind Matters

For Enlightenment-guided science it was quite the revelation that our mental states arise from processes described by physics, chemistry, and cellular biology. During one writing retreat in the San Luis Valley, I met a number of people who were in Crestone for a large Buddhist meditation retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, a visiting Tibetan master.1 One of the participants told me that the question of extraterrestrial life was entirely meaningless and uninteresting. Everything, he said with complete confidence, is the creation of mind, so the idea that stars are many light-years away means nothing. Other beings are right here, intermingling in our space. Life on other planets should be of no concern to us, because there is no difference at all between out there and down here.


One of the most striking characteristics of the organization of the nervous system is its direction towards temporal information processing, illustrated by the phenomena of memory and future projection which are necessary components of consciousness and of the so-called higher nervous activities. It is interesting in this respect to note that the cultural enlightenment of the Arabic philosopher and physician Ibn Sina, or Avicenna (980-1037), influenced the prevailing brain theory throughout the Middle Age until the end of sixteenth century. In one of his masterpieces, The Canon of Medicine, he made a synthesis of Greek and Roman medical achievements that suggested the existence of a hierarchical chain of cells (from the Latin term cellae, i.e. chambers, and not referred to the modern meaning of cell) inside the brain. The information arriving to the first cell was then relayed to the second and third set of cells for progressively higher nervous activities (Fig. 1).

Touching Comfort

On her knees and hugging her periodically. Cayenne slipped her body between us (she would not be denied) and snuggled onto K's lap, with her head pressed hard against K's breasts. C's face was tilted up to K's head. Every chance C got, she licked K's face, then pressed her head against K's breasts again. Her spot in K's lap was nonnegotiable. She would not budge until K was calm. Roland, meanwhile, had his head inserted between me and K's lap, putting his head on her knees along with my hands and pressing firmly against her body with all his weight. He also would not budge until K was calm. K's hands the whole time were kneading the dogs' bodies, first one, then the other. She did not know what she was doing consciously, but the touch comfort among K, R, and C was stunning. Toward the end, the dogs made K laugh at their need for comfort, as well as their ability to give comfort. That laughter was the last step in her letting go of her grief and loss that afternoon.

Invitation Only

After weeks of careful watching and listening, I started to question whether I was observing the same sky as everyone else. One night at the springs some people I met were matter-of-factly discussing UFO sightings and even telepathic contacts with aliens. I told them that I had been trying every night but had not yet seen any highly unusual sky phenomena. I asked for advice. One woman who had experienced many sightings told me that the most important thing is that you have to invite them. They will not show up for just anyone, in just any state of mind. I asked if she could tell me anything more specific about how you invite them. She said that you go to a very dark place and focus on inviting them, on receiving them, on wishing them to be with you, and you try to communicate to them that it is safe to come. After a while spent meditating on these themes, sometimes they show up lights in the sky that hover, pause meaningfully, and seem to communicate with you.


Our aim is to describe space and time in the most enlightening way we can, and it is our view that the historical road to relativity does not necessarily provide the best path to enlightenment. From a modern perspective, over a century after Einstein's revolution, we have learned that there is a deeper and more satisfying way to think about space and time. Rather than dig any deeper into the old-fashioned textbook view, we are going to start again from a blank canvas. In so doing we will come to understand what Minkowski meant when he said that space and time must be merged together into a single entity. Once we have developed a more elegant picture, we will be well placed to achieve our principal goal we shall be able to derive E mc2.

Psychic Sasquatch

Underground cities and flying saucers should not distract from the spiritual aspect of contact with the Sasquatch emphasized by both Lasperitis and Ocean, however - namely the spiritual enlightenment that their ancient wisdom can bring, from beyond the earth, from the deepest past, and from alternate dimensions. Joan Ocean describes her encounter with this aspect of the Sasquatch on her website We settle into a deep meditation for contact, proceeding with the help of Medicine Woman, to enter the Portal. We experience the swirling energy, starting at our feet and slowly moving up, enveloping our bodies. At some point as each of us is ready, we leave the physical realm and travel with two Wise Ones through the Sometime Place into their alternate reality. There we meet with the Medicine Woman and she is happy to welcome us.

Pyramid Power

The Anti Gravity Coral Castle

On October 8, 1973, Time magazine reported on the growing influence of 'pyramid power' among both celebrities and common folk. It was reported that Gloria Swanson slept with a miniature pyramid under her bed, claiming that it made every cell in her body tingle. Actor James Coburn claimed to meditate regularly inside a pyramid-shaped tent and to place his cat and kittens on a bed placed over several tiny pyramids, theorizing that the kittens might grow up in for transcendental meditation, biofeedback and yoga, in that 4 THE TENT WAS A it surrounds its inhabitants TRANCENDENTAL MEDITATION, The device also serves as an Extra Low Frequency Generator and is actually able to emulate my brainwaves. With practice and meditation it will allow me to artificially alter my brainwaves to reach any desired brain frequency. With it I could achieve a variety of spiritual and psychic effects. The device can even alter my brainwaves so that I may achieve contact with Space Brothers and Sisters. The...

Mystery Fossil

Your whole creation is never silent and never ceases to praise you. The spirit of every man utters its praises in words directed to you animals and material bodies praise you through the mouth of those who meditate upon them, so that our soul may rise out of its weariness toward you, supporting itself upon the things which you created, and then passing on to you yourself who made them marvelously.

Mount Shasta

Truly, I have said that we believed in Incal, and symbolized him as the Sun-God. But the sun itself was an emblem. To assert that we, despite our enlightenment, adored the orb of day, would be as absurd as to say that the Christians adore the cross of the crucifixion for itself in both cases it is the attached significance that caused the sun, and causes the cross, to be held in any sort of regard. (88) Several years ago while meditating one morning, Trungpa Rinpoche appeared to me and took me into the blue sky above Mount Shasta. He pointed toward the Shasta Valley, and with a sweep of his arm that encompassed the area from Mount Shasta to Mount Ashland, said, 'This is the New Shambhala.'


''There's a couple of ripdoozer thunderstorms down there that are really, really letting go. There seems to be a weather system out there, and it's got thunderstorms all the way along it. Venus is just below the Earth, and we can see Venus quite clearly. This is really a sight to behold, to see it at night-time like this. And looking at the airglow with the monocular is - Boy, there is another sight now that is not like being in Earth orbit whatsoever. It's a bright red, next to the Earth, and then it's got a green band in it, and then it's got a blue band.''

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