This chapter has benefited from discussions over the past few years with many people working on arthropod segmentation. I would like to thank Nipam Patel, Diethard Tautz, Ernst Wimmer, Giuseppe Fusco, Graham Budd, Nick Monk, Juan-Pablo Couso and Nigel Hughes for sharing ideas and preliminary data. I am indebted to the members of the Museum Molecular Lab at the University Museum of Zoology,

Cambridge, UK, for creating a stimulating research environment and for challenging every piece of data or idea I have presented there. Specifically I would like to thank the laboratory head, Michael Akam, and my former colleagues, Johannes (Yogi) Jaeger, Andrew Peel and Joakim Eriksson. Wallace Arthur has been a collaborator on all the Strigamia work and always open to discussion and exchange of ideas. Andrew Peel and Johannes Jaeger commented on an earlier version of the manuscript. My work was funded by a grant from the BBSRC.

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