My warmest thanks to Prof Dr Michael Benton, author of over 40 books on evolution, fossils and dinosaurs, for invaluable advice and for his kindness in allowing me to plunder his much acclaimed Vertebrate Palaeontology. I should also like to express my appreciation for the help and advice of Laura Tatham who typed the manuscript and of Michael Palmer, archivist to The Zoological Society of London, who traced some elusive references for me. Once again, my thanks to Dr Dieter Czeschlik and Dr Andrea Schlitzberger, Biology Editorial Springer-Verlag, for their friendly cooperation. As always, I am deeply indebted to my dearest wife Anne for her wonderful companionship and advice. Alison Bailey, on behalf of the Editorial Board, kindly gave me permission to quote from an article of mine that first appeared in Biologist (Institute of Biology) in 2001. I am also grateful to various artists, authors and publishers for granting permission to redraw and adapt copyright material. Sources have been credited both in the text and in the legends to the figures; full details are cited in the bibliography. Every reasonable effort has been made to trace and obtain permission but, if any copyright owners have inadvertently been overlooked, I will be pleased to make the normal arrangements and give full acknowledgements at the first opportunity.

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