The Mesozoic Era may indeed have been the 'age of dinosaurs' but, as we have seen (Chap. 2), there were many other dramatic reptiles inhabiting the land in those days - not to mention the amphibious (Chap. 4), marine (Chap. 5), and aerial (Chap. 6) forms we have been discussing. Terrestrial Mesozoic reptiles included tortoises and turtles (Anapsida: Testudines), the mammal-like reptiles (Synapsida: Therapsida) and various Diapsida. Among the latter were the sphenodontians, the squamata - lizards and snakes - and the archosaurs. These will be discussed in the following chapters. The classification of Mesozoic reptiles (Table 2, Fig. 1) has been clearly elucidated and explained among others by Benton (1990a, 2004) and Benton and Harper (1997). Although the archosaurs were the main archosauromorph diapsids to emerge in the Triassic, there were other land-living groups too. The dinosaurs first appeared in the Upper Triassic (230-225 mya) and, perhaps surprisingly, were at first bipedal (Sect. 7.3).

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