What made the two alleles spread so quickly? It seems likely that each conferred some cognitive advantage, perhaps a slight one yet enough for natural selection to work on.

In Lahn's view, many genes are likely to be involved in constructing the human brain. He has found alleles of two of these genes, both of which happen to be quite common in Europeans and East Asians, but there almost certainly exist alleles of other genes that may be more common in other populations. Each population may therefore have used a different set of alleles to accomplish the same purpose, a well known biological process known as convergent evolution.

Resistance to malaria, for instance, is mediated by protective alleles in a number of genes, but Africans are protected by one set of alleles and Mediterranean peoples by a different, though often overlapping, set. The reason is that new alleles arise by mutation, a random process, and each population must make use of whatever alleles it has available. An advantageous allele may spread over time to neighboring populations, but will be more common in the place where it first arose. Lahn believes he is seeing the same phenomenon with alleles that have increased cognitive powers, and has just chanced on two alleles that happen to be common in European and Middle Eastern populations. "It is likely that different populations would have a different make-up of these genes, so it may all come out in the wash," he says.

Perhaps because of the sensitivity of suggesting that one population might have become genetically more acute than another, several critics asserted that the alleles could have become more common for some reason having

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