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The suggestion that one group of people may be genetically more intelligent than another is a sensitive subject, not least because it opens the door to the argument that if some groups are smarter, others may be less so. The idea Diamond floated was not followed up, and indeed the geneticists who next looked at the sphingolipid diseases suggested they had grown common not through natural selection but because of a quite different mechanism known as a founder effect. If a population gets squeezed down to small numbers by some calamity, and then expands, its gene pool will be an amplified version of that of the few individuals who survived the disaster. If one of the survivors carried a generally rare mutation, the mutation will be much commoner in the new expanded population than it is in the general human population. The relatively high incidence of the usually rare mutation in the expanded population is called a founder effect, after the founder who carried the mutation.

Recently Neil Risch, now of the University of California, San Francisco, concluded that the four sphingolipid diseases must have become common among the Ashkenazi Jewish population because of founder effects. He noted that the four diseases had similar properties to the other Ashkenazic Mendelian diseases, such as having arisen very recently, in the last 1,100 years. Because all the Mendelian diseases seemed therefore to have arisen through the same cause, he argued, that cause must be founder effects, since natural selection wouldn't

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