like vultures are ignored.

It is tempting to suppose that vervets have therefore developed a word for eagle, but that is not really the case. A vervet cannot combine two of its cries to state that, in its opinion, "Eagles are more dangerous than leopards!" Its calls can be used only as one-note alarms to warn that "An eagle is coming, take cover!" or "Leap—it's a leopard!"

Besides appearing to lack precise words for things, animals also lack the ability for syntax. Though capuchin monkeys seem to obey an ordering rule in their calls (for example, call A is made before calls B and C but never after them), the meaning of such ordered calls, if any, is not yet clear to researchers._Strenuous efforts have been made to teach language to chimpanzees. The first attempts focused on training the chimps to make humanlike sounds. Then, when the unsuitability of their vocal apparatus was accepted, they were taught to communicate in sign language. Chimps can learn a number of signs—about 125, according to their trainers, more like 25, according to skeptics—but there is no consistent evidence that they use the order of the signs to confer meaning, as is the essence of human language. Typical utterances of Nim Chimpsky, a chimp trained by Herbert Terrace of Columbia University, were "Me banana you banana you me give," and "Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you." "The chimp's abilities at anything one would want to call grammar were next

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