category of non-San Africans and Europeans.

As foragers, the San live off the land. Their principal food is mongongo nuts, but they are excellent botanists and recognize more than 200 species of plant, many of which they consider edible. According to Richard Borshay Lee's classic study of the !Kung San, some 60 to 70 percent of their food comes from plants they gather and 30 to 40 percent from meat gained by hunting. The !Kung are expert trackers. They can tell the species of animal that made a track and how many hours ago it passed; they can even identify individual people from their tracks. Their hunting bows are lightweight because they poison their arrow shafts with a lethal toxin. They obtain it from the pupae of any of three species of chrysomelid beetle that they dig up from beneath the bushes where the larvae have fed. The pupae stay in arrested development for several months, enabling hunters to carry them around and freshen up the toxicity of their arrows when needed. A well placed

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