B-type, G-type, M-type: Amun, Kleopatra

S-type: Gaspra, Eros

C-type: Ceres, Pallas

P-type: Hestia, Cybele

D-type: most Trojan asteroids

AU from the Sun

AU from the Sun

The presence of water, even bound up in minerals, is an exciting find in the asteroid belt, since it raises the possibility of the formation of life.Water is required for all known kinds of life.Though conditions on asteroids are probably not conducive to life, these asteroids have the potential to deliver both water and amino acids to planets during impact.

S-type asteroids are the second most common type, making up about 20 percent of asteroids, and include 951 Gaspra, 243 Ida, 433 Eros, and 6 Hebe.The subclass of S-type asteroids called S(IV) are the closest compositional match to ordinary chondrites, though they are a compositionally diverse group, showing varying mixes of the minerals olivine and pyroxene as well as metals. 6 Hebe itself is thought to be the actual parent body of the H chondrites. The NEAR Shoemaker mission has shown that Eros's composition is nearly identical to the L

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