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"From DNA to Diversity is written for a general audience, including undergraduates, with an interest in developmental and evolutionary biology, and it is a joy to read. Using striking examples, the authors summarize the current state of thinking on the interconnectedness between developmental genetics and evolutionary diversification." Axel Meyer, University of Konstanz; Nature

"This book helps to fill a gap in the teaching of evolutionary theory that arose because developmental biology was not a direct participant in the evolutionary synthesis. . . . This is an outstanding account of the latest findings in molecular developmental biology." James W. Valentine, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

"The authors have done an excellent job of distilling the large and complex literature on molecular genetics that is pertinent to understanding how gene networks evolve . . . The writing is consistently clear, concise, and engaging." Gregory A. Wray, Duke University; Science

"Carroll, Weatherbee, and Grenier have produced a wonderful and exciting introduction to the field of evolutionary developmental biology . . . Newcomers and aficionados will find this a compelling read."

Martin J. Cohn, University of Florida; Evolution and Development

". . . this is one book that everybody should read who wants to know why 'evo-devo' is such a hot topic right now."

Manfred Laubichler, Arizona State University

"From DNA to Diversity can be, and should be read by College and University students as well as scientists out of the field, who want to be informed of what is new and promising in biology."

Jean Deutsch, Universite Phillippe et Marie Curie, Paris; BioEssays

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