Ubx abd-A

Ubx abd-A

Mx Lab T1 T2 T3 T4 T5

Malacostracan: Mysidium, Porcellio

Figure 5.3

Ubx expression reflects maxilliped development in crustaceans

The expression domains of Ubx (blue) and abd-A (purple) proteins are shown below the body plans of different crustaceans. The most primitive crustacean shown (Artemia; top) expresses Ubx throughout the thoracic segments. Other crustaceans that bear one, two, or three pairs of specialized maxilliped appendages on anterior thoracic segments (shown as smaller thoracic limbs) have progressively more posterior boundaries of Ubx expression. Diagonal blue and purple stripes in Maxillopod and Malacostracan crustaceans indicate the sum of the domains of Ubx and abd-A expression. Segment identities: Mx, maxillary; Lab, labial; T, thoracic.

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