Genome Sequence Analysis

Genome sequence analysis is valuable for searching of modern drugs, especially for infectious diseases. The availability of a complete microbial genome sequence in 1995 brought the originating of a genomic era that has permited medical scientists to change the paradigm and approach vaccine modern construction originating from genomic information [60]. The whole-genome perspective is expected to provide an instrumental contribution to drug and vaccine modern construction, particularly to focus those pathogens for which the traditional approaches have failed so far [61]. Combining pathogen genome sequences with the host and vector genome sequences is promising to be a robust method for the identification of host-pathogen interactions. In additional, comparative sequencing of related species, especially of organisms used as model systems in the study of the disease, is beginning to realize its potential in the identification of genes that are involved in evasion of the host immune response [62]. These data are all valuable in drug and vaccine modern construction [63].

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