Routledge Studies in Physical Geography and Environment

This series provides a platform for books which break new ground in the understanding of the physical environment. Individual titles will focus on developments within the main subdisciplines of physical geography and explore the physical characteristics of regions and countries. Titles will also explore the human/environment interface.

1 Environmental Issues in the Mediterranean

J. Wainwright and J.B. Thornes

2 The Environmental History of the World

Humankind's changing role in the community of life J. Donald Hughes

3 History and Climate Change

A Eurocentric perspective Neville Brown

4 Cities and Climate change

Harriet Bulkeley and Michele Betsill

5 Little Ice Ages Ancient and modern Jean M. Grove

6 Himalayan perceptions

Environmental change and well-being of mountain peoples Jack D. Ives

7 The Natural History of the Earth

Debating long-term change in the geosphere and biosphere Richard John Huggett

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