Axon Pathfinding

L Strochlic, C Weinl, M Piper, and C E Holt,

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

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1.12.1 Introduction

1.12.2 The Growth Cone: A Central Player in Axon Pathfinding The Growth Cone is a Highly Dynamic Structure and Changes Its Shape in Response to Its Environment Axon-Pathfinding Concepts

1.12.3 Growth Cone Guidance Identification of Guidance Molecules Guidance Cue Families

1.12.4 The Retinal Projection and the Midline Choice Point: Model Systems to Study Axon Pathfinding The Retinal Projection as a Model System The Midline Choice Point as a Model System

1.12.5 Modulation of Axon Guidance Regulated Gene Expression Post-Transcriptional Control Local Translational Control Local Protein Degradation and Endocytosis at the Growth Cone Receptor Interaction Implications for Axon Guidance Axon Guidance and Evolution

1.12.6 Concluding Remarks

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