IG Field Homologies

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1.05.1 Introduction 74

1.05.2 Conceptual Considerations 75 Causes of Homology, Convergence, and Divergence: Development, Evolution, Epigenesis 75 Internal Constraints in Development and Evolution. Epigenetic Constraints 75 The Principle of Modularity: Genetic Cascades, Cells, Cell Fields, and Organs 76 Morphogenetic Fields as Evolutionary and Developmental Higher-Order Modules

Linking Genotype and Phenotype 77

1.05.3 Field Homology: A Useful Concept in Studies of Brain Evolution 80 In Search of the Brain Archetype in Vertebrates: Developmental Regulatory Genes as Useful Tools for Deciphering the Archetype and Identifying Homologous Fields 81 Evolution of Homologous Fields in the Brain: The Case of the Pallium 82 Evolution of New Fields in the Vertebrate Brain: Analysis of the Lamprey 83

1.05.4 Conclusions 84

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