Figure 11 Post-translational control of potassium current density. a, Potassium current density of mature neurons can be increased by excess Kv2.1 mRNA but not by excess RNA from another Kv2 isoform, Kv2.2. b, The mean /Kv densities of +Kv2.1 but not +Kv2.2 neurons were significantly larger than those of control neurons. c, Overexpression of Kv2.2 RNA increased current density in young but not in mature neurons. In contrast, overexpression of Kv2.1 RNA increased current density in both young and mature neurons. Blaine et al. (2004) demonstrated that regulation of potassium channel density induced by excess Kv2.2 RNA required a proximal region of the carboxyl terminal, known as proxC. These studies indicate that post-translational mechanisms can regulate VGIC current density in neurons. Reproduced from Blaine, J. T., Taylor, A. D., and Ribera, A. B. 2004. Carboxyl tail region of the Kv2.2 subunit mediates novel developmental regulation of channel density. J. Neurophysiol. 92, 3446-3454, used with permission from The American Physiological Society.

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