Figure 4 Co-localization of reelin and p73 mRNA in CRc. Double in situ hybridization studies of reelin mRNA (digoxigenin-labeled probes, first row), p73 mRNA ([33P]-labeled probes, second row), and their co-localization (overlay, third row) in the embryonic cerebral cortex of the mouse (a-c), turtle (d-f), and crocodile (g-i). Almost all subpial reelin-positive neurons express p73 in all three species. In contrast, the reelin-positive cells in the turtle cortical plate (d, arrowheads) and in the crocodilian subcortex (g, arrow) are p73-negative. Note that the reelin signal illustrated in the mouse was underexposed for histological analysis and is relatively much higher than in other species. PIA, pial surface; MZ, marginal zone; V, lateral ventricle; VZ, ventricular zone. Scale bar: 100mm (a, d, g); 50mm (c, d, f).

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