Expression of Nav1.3 was linked to acquisition of electrical excitability.

Persistent current density was upregulated during development.

Potassium and sodium currents were detected at early stages. Calcium currents developed later. All were subsequently upregulated.

At the time of neurite appearance, functional Na+, Ca2+, and voltage-gated K+ channels were present. However, lKv amplitude increased during neural development. Changes in kinetic parameters were observed. INa and ICa amplitudes were also increasing to a lesser extent during differentiation.

Febrile seizures differentially altered expression patterns of several HCN channel genes and proteins.

Electrical recordings demonstrated developmental changes in calcium and voltage sensitivities.

Spontaneous electrical activity, but not target tissues, regulated the normal developmental increase in potassium current density.

The developmental expression of functional KCa channels was regulated differentially in choroids versus ciliary cells.

Development and hypergravity altered electrophysiological properties of hair cells.

Murine preplate and Cajal-Retzius cells (E12-13) Rat sensorimotor cortex,

P2-21 Quail embryonic mesencephalic neural crest cells in vitro

Amblystoma spinal neurons

Albrieux etal. (2004)

Alzheimer et al.

Barish (1986)

Rat hippocampus, E10-11

Rat embryonic rat telencephalon cortical slices, E12-14 and E21

Chick lumbar motoneurons, E6 and E11

Chick choroid and ciliary ganglion neurons, E9-13

Rat utricular hair cells, P0-8

Brewster et al. (2002)

Casavant et al. (2004)

Cameron and Dryer (2000)

Chabbert et al. (2003)

Table 2 (Continued)

VGIC type

VGIC molecular identity


Neuron type



LVA and HVA calcium

Large modifications in the expression

Mouse vestibular ganglia,


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