Neanderthal Site Fonseigner

Figure 5.12 'Intensity of utilization of raw materials deriving from different sources in the assemblages from Fonseigner layer D (upper) and Grotte Vaufrey layer VIII (lower). Both graphs indicate how the intensity of utilization of the different flint sources (as reflected by the overall frequencies of retouched and utilized pieces in the different raw materials) tends to increase with the overall distances over which the materials have been transported. After Geneste 1989b.

other located 15 km to the northwest in the vicinity of La Tour Blanche. As shown in Fig. 5.14, when the relative frequencies of cores recorded in the different sites are plotted in relation to the overall distances from these two sources, the results correspond with a pattern of roughly exponential decline, reflecting increasing distances from one or other of these two sources. These results recall some of the broadly similar patterns documented by Munday and Marks in several Middle Palaeolithic sites in the Negev

Fonseigner layer D

Grotte Vaufrey layer VIII

Grotte Vaufrey layer VIII

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