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Grenal, the upper levels of the pit contained a series of limestone slabs, apparently placed deliberately at the surface of the filling (Bordes 1972: 136-7).

A third well documented pit has been recorded more recently in the current excavations of Jelinek and Debénath in the uppermost Mousterian levels at La Quina (Charente). The dimensions of the pit are similar to those recorded at Combe Grenal and Le Moustier (approximately 70-80 cm in diameter and approximately 50 cm deep) and the pit is said (as at Le Moustier) to show a flattened base. In this case, the filling of the pit consisted almost entirely of variably sized limestone fragments, up to 30 cm across, which are assumed to have been inserted deliberately to infill and perhaps protect the outlines of the pit. Stratigraphically, the pit appears to relate to one of the levels of the MTA occupation (layer 6A1) close to the top of the Mousterian sequence.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of these pits is the technology implied in their construction. The excavation of pits up to 60 cm deep into consolidated stony deposits ililllliil mm

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