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Figure 3.1 Analysis of the retouched and unretouched pieces in the assemblage from layer VII of Grotte Vaufrey, according to the 'chaîne opératoire' scheme of Geneste (1985). (See Table 3.1 for a list of the numbered technological products and stages.) After Geneste 1988.

Technological products

Technological products

Distribution Neanderthal

Figure 3.2 Refitted block offtakes from level VIII of the Grotte Vaufrey. The spatial distribution of the refitted pieces within this level is shown on the left. After Geneste 1988.

sophistication of these strategies in both conceptual and technological terms. The aim of the following sections is to illustrate this with particular case studies. For convenience and by historical convention these have been divided into the broad categories of "Levallois" methods, "non-Levallois" methods and "blade techniques". However, this categorization is far from rigid and the inherent fluidity and flexibility of the different flaking strategies in many cases cross-cuts these conventional technological categories (Schlanger 1994).

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