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Figure 3.25 Diagram to illustrate the differing 'volumetric' use of raw materials achieved by typical Levallois techniques (upper) compared with two forms of blade techniques (middle, lower). By detaching blades from most of the core circumference, blade techniques generally allow the utilization of a much larger proportion of the original core volume than Levallois techniques. After Boeda 1988b.

(as well as in the recently excavated nearby site of Riencourt-les-Bapaume: Ameloot-van der Heijden 1993a,b) involved the use of typically crested blade (lame-d-crete) technique to initiate the sequence of blade detachments from the core, in a way which closely mimics Upper Palaeolithic techniques

(see Figs 3.20, 3.22). In general, therefore, the recent studies by Revillion bring the blade technology documented at Seclin more closely into line with those documented in fully Upper Palaeolithic contexts than the earlier study by Boeda had implied.

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