The editors thank, in particular, Wesley Elsberry for initiating and maintaining the list server whose members formed the backbone of this book. In addition to the authors of individual chapters, we thank Erik Tellgren and Richard Wein, who offered pithy criticisms in the book's early stages. We are also grateful to Jason Rosenhouse and Jeffrey Shallit, who read and commented on the entire manuscript, as well as Barbara Forrest and Glenn Branch.

We are further indebted to our editors, Audra Wolfe and Adi Hovav, for sticking with us through an arduous review and to Amy Bix for originally getting us in touch with Audra Wolfe. Dawn Potter copyedited the manuscript with care and precision. Adrian Mellott and Kevin Padian offered excellent suggestions that led to several new chapters.

Taner Edis thanks Scott Ellis, head of the science division at Truman State University, for encouraging his studies of the borderlands of science. Matt Young is especially indebted to Bela Scheiber, president of the Rocky Mountain Skeptics, for originally getting him interested in intelligent-design cre-ationism, and to Jim McNeil, head of the physics department at the Colorado School of Mines, for his encouragement.

Finally, the editors thank each other and all their co-authors for a year or so of hard work and good-natured criticisms.

Matt Young dedicates his share of this volume to his grandchildren, Alexandra and Noah, and advises them never to put the cart before the horse or the conclusion before the evidence.

Taner Edis dedicates his share to his parents, who are the source of his love for science.

Why Intelligent Design Fails

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