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Have you ever looked at professional trick photos and wondered why you are not able to get the same fantastic results from your photography? Well believe it or not, there are just a few easy tricks that you have to master in order to start taking photographs that will show the SAME level of amazing quality that professional photographers show! You actually do not need professional, expensive equipment to get that same amazing feel that great trick photos do; all that it takes is Knowledge. You will also learn how to improve your regular photography as well; your overall photographic knowledge will increase as a result of what you've learned! Normally it takes years to move from amateur to professional photographer, but with the skills that you will learn, you don't have to stay stuck in the amateur stage; you can move the professional stage very quickly! Continue reading...

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Determinate Mechanisms Magneto-Optical Effects Oriented magnetic fields have been suggested as physical driving forces, capable of inducing enantioenrichments into racemic or prochiral organic molecules. Here, the direction of the magnetic field vector applied to a chemical reaction would determine the stereochemical configuration ((+)- or (-)-enantiomers) of the products. In order to figure out such an intriguing possibility of magneto-optical effects, pho-toreactions were studied in strong directed magnetic fields in which the incoming photons disposed of a fixed orientation relative to the magnetic field. To give an example hexahelicene, a chiral molecule, was produced photochemically from the cis-phenanthrylnaphthyl-ethene precursor within a homogeneous static magnetic field of 1.1 T, resulting in an enantiomeric excess of 0.07 hexahelicene. Interestingly, the configuration of the photoproduct hexahelicene was determined by the direction of the magnetic field vector. Liquid crystals were often...

Chiral Fields Light Magnetism and Chirality

In this chapter we will ask the inspiring question Can the asymmetry of a chiral field - such as a specifically oriented magnetic field, radiation field, or the combination of both - be transferred to racemic or prochiral organic molecules in a manner that an enantiomeric enhancement is induced, that is to say, transferred from the mass-less chiral field into the organic molecule And indeed, the answer to this question is yes . In order to understand systematically such phenomena, we will discriminate between (a) the combination of a magnetic field with unpolarized light, known as magneto-optical effects and (b) circularly polarized light as a chiral field to induce enantiomeric enhancement by a process often called photochirogenesis. Fig. 6.1 Chiral fields as vehicles for asymmetry four pathways to induce an enantiomeric enhancement via absolute asymmetric photochemistry. We distinguish between magneto-optical effects and pure photochirogenesis. Circularly polarized light is a true...

The Venus Detective Story

The principal conclusion about the scientific method that I draw from this history is this While theory is useful in the design of experiments, only direct experiments will convince everyone. Based only on my indirect conclusions, there would today still be many people who did not believe in a hot Venus. As a result of the Venera observations, everyone acknowledges a Venus of crushing pressures, stifling heat, dim illumination, and strange optical effects.

Learning To Walk

One of these confidence-building tests involved 'mapping' Earth's charged-particle environment, which varied dramatically as Columbia circled the globe in periods of sunlight and darkness every 45 minutes. During this time, Nicollier also activated the Tether Optical Phenomena (TOP) experiment, developed by Stephen Mende of Lockheed Martin's Palo Alto Research Laboratory in California this employed a hand-held, low-light-level television camera to provide visual data in support of questions concerning tether dynamics and the optical effects created by

Aand ADescriptors

The Cotton effect with its important change of sign for the optical rotation can be predicted even for an invisible or inaccessible region of the spectrum. A specific region of the ORD spectrum might be inaccessible due to solvent absorption and oxygen absorption below 200 nm and also ozone O3 produced by the lamp of the polarimeter absorbs below 250 nm. Moreover, other wavelength-dependent optical effects may hide a region of the ORD spectrum. For the calculation and prediction of the Cotton effect, one uses the Drude equation 2.4 which denotes the specific rotation a given in experimental units of degrees per decimeter versus wavelength (A) in nanometer. Previously to Drude, it had already been shown by Biot that the angle of rotation a is inversely proportional to the square of the wavelength A of the light shining through a chiral medium. A positive Cotton effect calculated by the Drude equation is illustrated in Fig. 2.9.

The Ring

As the Pioneer 10 spacecraft sped toward its closest approach to Jupiter in 1974, it detected a sudden decrease in the density of charged particles roughly 125,000 km (78,000 miles) from Jupiter, just inside the orbit of its innermost moon, Metis. This led to the suggestion that a moon or a ring of material might be orbiting the planet at this distance. The existence of a ring was verified in 1979 by the first Voyager spacecraft when it crossed the planet's equatorial plane, and the second spacecraft recorded additional pictures, including a series taken in the shadow of the planet looking back at the ring toward the direction of the Sun. The ring was many times brighter from this perspective. Evidentally most of the ring particles scatter light forward much better than in the reverse direction (toward Earth). It was therefore no surprise that Earth-based observations failed to discover the ring before Voyager. The forward scattering implies that most of the particles are very small,...

Two Center Strings

There are three possible positions of the reading frame in the palindrome. The unique semantical symmetry is not the only reason why the current position gets the better of its two other ones. The current position is fixed as the preferable one also by semantically dependent symmetrical crossing of the upright triplet series in the calligramme body and their abstract images in the palindrome text. One of two reading directions associated with this crossing becomes a preferable one. Note the crossing of the Stop signs is made directly by the zero symbol. The written symbol of the zero maintains all the order throughout the calligramme. Recall that its direct use is the powerful indicator of artificiality. But it is even more striking that the semantically arranged palindrome text is written by the code symbols within the code itself. It is as if the genetic code had known before its own origin how to code for the Stop and Start signs (as well as all other coding) in order to do inside...

Venus Is Hell

1977 Australian Nrl Squad

Because of the very dense atmosphere of Venus, there are some interesting optical effects. The most important such effect is due to Rayleigh scattering, named after the British Lord Rayleigh. When sunlight strikes the clear, dust-free atmosphere of the Earth, it is scattered. Photons strike the molecules of the Earth's atmosphere and are bounced off. Many such bounces may occur. But because the molecules of air are very much smaller than the wavelength of light, it turns out that short wavelengths are scattered or bounced away by the air molecules more efficiently than long wavelengths. Blue light is scattered much better than red light. This was a fact known to Leonardo da Vinci, who painted distant landscapes in an exquisite cerulean blue. It is why we talk of purple mountains it is why the sky is blue. The light from the sun is scattered about in our atmosphere - some of it being scattered up and out again, but other fractions of sunlight being scattered about by the molecules of...

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