D Figure 5.2

Three taxon cladogram with hypothetical ancestor Y

is only one interval so it is self-evident to which interval the taxon will be added, but the calculation is:

D(Mj ]NT(L)) = D(M, L) + D(M, ANC(L)) - D(L, ANC(L))

Step 5. Taxon M is then added to INT(L) via a hypothetical intermediate, Y (© Figure 5.2).

Hypothetical intermediate Y is given the character states that are the medians of those taxa to which it is connected (L, M, and K). It is then added to the character matrix as in O Table 5.2:

Step 6. The next taxon to be added to the diagram is the last remaining one, N. We now must determine the interval to which we must add N. To do this, we find the difference between N and each of the intervals. INT(M), INT(L), and INT(Y) using equation 2.

New character matrix including hypothetical ancestor Y

New character matrix including hypothetical ancestor Y

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