Tree with largest possible

MIG (Gmax)

ESRL = 235 myr

EMIG = 126 myr

= 6.7% SCI = 0/4 = 0.00 GER = 1- (126 - 61)/(126 - 61) = 0.00

3.11b). Clearly, some drops in biodiversity parallel falls in sea level, and rises in both curves also run in parallel. But, over the past 100 million years, sea level has been falling while diversity has been rising dramatically, so perhaps the pattern can only be read in certain details, but not overall.

What does all this mean? The first conclusion was that geology drives paleontology: the fossil record is closely controlled by sea level and the volume of sedimentary rock being deposited. But what if both are controlled by a third factor? Perhaps times of rare fossils and low rates of deposition really mean some-

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