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Giant Pandas: Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Management

''The giant panda is one of the world's most recognized animals, but most biology of this threatened species has been a mystery. For example, the female giant panda is sexually receptive for only 2 to 3 days once per year and, if pregnant, can produce twins, one of which inevitably dies. With China undergoing unprecedented changes at a rapid and accelerating rate, can such a highly specialized species survive? Giant pandas living in zoos are a favorite of the public, but more importantly are an important source of new biological information that can be applied to understanding and protecting the species in nature. This book is the first of its kind to summarize the present state-of-knowledge about giant panda biology on the topics of reproduction, behavior, nutrition, genetics and disease. It also offers the latest advances in neonatal care, preventative medicine, the use of assisted breeding and recent progress in population biology to genetically manage the worldwide 'insurance' population of giant pandas living in zoos and breeding centers. The exciting result is a growing population of giant pandas in captivity that, in turn, is allowing animal loans to zoos that produce funding to conserve the species in nature, including habitat protection. This book is an example of how zoos, through science and awareness, contribute to the scientific understanding and protection of one of the planet's most beloved animals, the giant panda.''

david e. wildt is Senior Scientist and Head of the Department of Reproductive Sciences at the Smithsonian's National Zoological Park.

anju zhang is the former Director of the Giant Panda Technical Committee in Chengdu, China under the auspices of the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens.

hemin zhang is Director of the Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province, China. Both Anju Zhang and Hemin Zhang are among China's leading authorities on giant panda reproduction and health.

donald l. janssen is Director of Veterinary Services at the Zoological Society of San Diego.

susie ellis is the former Senior Program Officer of the IUCN Species Survival Commission's Conservation Breeding Specialist Group. She now is Vice President of Conservation International's Indonesia and Philippines Program.

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