" Total number of motile spermatozoa deposited transcervically and into the uterus.

h Duration of gestation was calculated as the first day of urinary oestrogen decline = Day 0.

6 Data on female SB 169 from Hodges et al. (1984) and Moore et al. (1984). Fresh semen was collected from SB 141 located at the Zoological Society of

London and shipped to Madrid for AI.

d Data on female SB 162 from Masui et al. (1989).

6 Data on female SB 162 from K. Tenabe, pers. comm.

Table 20.2. Results of artificial inseminations (AI) using fresh, cold-stored (4°Cfor 24 or 48 hours) or frozen-thawed semen in giant pandas at the Wolong Breeding

Sperm Motile Pregnant

Female Age Male Volume motility Sperm sperm (gestation) No. of cubs

SB no. (years) AI no. Date of AI SB no. Semen type Diluent-glycerol (ml) (%) progression (xlO6) (birth date) (sex SB no.)

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