a Data collected in 1998 and 1999; n = total number of individuals; S. D. = standard deviation; min = minimum value among all individuals; max = maximum value.

with Stunted Development Syndrome had a history of chronic gastrointestinal disease, some beginning during juvenile development, characterised by frequent mucous stools and chronic diarrhoea.

To begin to establish formal criteria for what constituted this condition, an animal with Stunted Development Syndrome was defined as an individual with comparatively small body stature for its age and with at least three of the following:

• dental developmental anomalies;

• chronic gastrointestinal disease;

• moderate-to-severe ascites;

• lack of sexual maturity for its age;

• failure to reproduce; and/or

• poor body condition.

Table 4.5. Information on nine giant pandas with Stunted Development Syndrome and associated medical problemsa

Studbook Year Age Weight number Sex examined (years) (kg) Associated medical problems

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