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Zoological Society of San Diego

The following information is summarised in Table 8.1. Male studbook (SB) 381 at the San Diego Zoo was originally wild caught but never bred while in China or when given opportunities in San Diego after pairing with female SB 371. Urinary endocrine analyses were conducted in-house year round beginning in 1997.

Smithsonian's National Zoological Park

From 1987 to 1991, urinary progestins were measured in SB 112 from oestrual onset to the end of pregnancy, failed pregnancy or pseudopreg-nancy. Upon arrival of a new pair of subadult giant pandas (male SB 458 and female SB 473) in 2001, annual monitoring of urinary and faecal hormones commenced for both individuals.

Zoo Atlanta

Urinary hormone monitoring for female SB 461 began in 2001. Beginning in 2002, concurrent faecal hormone measurements were initiated.

Table 8.1. Husbandry and life history of study animals by studbook (SB) number and na me

SB no. (name)

DOB" or WCh Sex (M/F)


± M/F access^



371 (Bai Yun)




Oe, Al (1999)

1 (1999)

381 (Shi Shi)

WC 1978/M

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