Throughout the entire period of studies in 1993-2002 near the northern Kurile Islands and southeastern Kamchatka in the Pacific, the boreal clubhook squid was found in 61 bottom trawl catches, the frequency of occurrence being less than 1%. On the whole, the share of squid within any catch-yielding hauls was 1.4% by weight. The catch per haul varied from 1 to 4 specimens; respective averages were 1.33 individuals (ind.) and 14.38 kg. As recalculated by 1 h hauls, we obtained the mean values of 0.88 ind. and 6.27 kg. The species occurred all across the area surveyed from 52°N in the north to 47°50'N in the south (Fig. 19.1). However, the

Calch, Ind. per haul . -1 * -2

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