The author thanks Marian Dagosto and Matt Ravosa for having invited me to participate in the Primate Origins Conference. Mary Silcox very kindly sent a copy of her dissertation and provided helpful criticism on an early version of this paper. Chris Beard helped me to understand some of the characters that he published. François Catzeflis, Eric Sargis, and Carlos Jaramillo shared some interesting information. Aaron Hogue and Jerry Hooker provided casts of Ptilocercus dentitions. Access to specimens in Anatomie Comparée, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, was granted by M. Robineau, and access to specimens in the Field Museum of Natural History was granted by Bruce Patterson and William Stanley. Study of important fossils was kindly allowed by Dan Gebo and Chris Beard. The figures were cleaned and mounted by H. Lavina. Laurie Godfrey edited the English of an almost definitive draft, and Marian Dagosto completed the task; both gave helpful suggestions on the content.

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