We thank D. Fitzpatrick and M. Pucak for allowing us to work with the treeshrews under their care and Shannon Mangum for her daily efforts in helping us handle the animals. We thank the following institutions and individuals for providing access to skeletal materials: Field Museum of Natural History-L. Heaney, B. Patterson, W. Stanley; National Museum of Natural History - L. Gordon, R. Thorington; American Museum of Natural History - R. MacPhee; Natural History Museum, London - P. Jenkins; Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle - J. Cuisin; Naturhistorisches Museum Basel - M. Sutermeister, F. Weidenmayer. We thank P. Lemelin, D. Schmitt and P. Vinyard for numerous helpful discussions and comments that greatly improved this manuscript. Funding for the EMG data collection was provided by NSF (SBR-9420764; BCS-0094666; BCS-01-38565).

Funding for the morphometric data collection was provided by Sigma-Xi, the Boise Fund, the AMNH, NSF (SBR-9701425) and the L.S.B. Leakey

Foundation. This is Duke University Primate Center Publication #785.

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