We thank Kaye Brown and Peter Klopfer for helping us handle and videotape animals, Chris Vinyard for advice on data analysis, Roshna Wunderlich for loaning us videotapes of chimpanzee locomotion, Kathleen Smith for supplying Monodelphis specimens, and Martine Atramentowicz and the Laboratoire d'Ecologie Générale in Brunoy, France (URA 8571 CNRS/MNHN) for Caluromys specimens. We are grateful for all the assistance we received from the staffs of the animal facilities where we collected video records. We owe a special debt of thanks to Sitha Bigger (Wake Forest, NC, ZooFauna Zoo), to Lori Widener and Alison Larios (Carnivore Preservation Trust, Pittsboro, NC), and to Ken Glander, David Haring, and Bill Hess (Duke University primate Center). We thank Matt Ravosa and Marian Dagosto for organizing and hosting the 2001 "primate Origins" conference, for inviting us to participate in it, and for bringing it off successfully in the face of grave, unforeseen difficulties. This research was funded by grants SBR-9209004, SBR-9318750, BCS-9904401, and BCS-0137930 from the U. S. National Science Foundation.

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