This chapter began as a section of the author's dissertation mandated by D.B. Weishampel. The author would like to thank him, in addition to her dissertation advisor, K.D. Rose, and the rest of her dissertation committee, K.C. Beard and G.F. Gunnell. This work benefited from conversations with J.I. Bloch, A.E. Chew, and A.C. Walker and the comments of two anonymous reviewers. For access to specimens the author would like to thank J.P. Alexander, R.D.E. MacPhee, M.C. McKenna (American Museum of Natural History), K.C. Beard (Carnegie Museum of Natural History), J.I. Bloch (South Dakota School of Mines), P.D. Gingerich, G.F. Gunnell (University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology), G. Buckley (Field Museum of Natural History), M. Cassiliano, J.A. Lillegraven (University of Wyoming), W.A. Clemens, P. Holroyd (University of California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley), J. Erfurt, H. Haubold (Geiseltal Museum), R.C. Fox (University of Alberta Laboratory of Vertebrate Paleontology), M. Godinot, P. Tassy (Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle), L. Gordon (U.S. National Museum, Vertebrate Zoology), R.F. Kay (Duke University), D.W. Krause (SUNY Stony Brook), S.G. Lucas, T.E. Williamson (New Mexico Museum of Natural History), D. Miao (University of Kansas Museum of Natural History), R. Purdy (U.S. National Museum, Paleobiology), K.D. Rose (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine), B. Sigé (University of

Montpellier II), M.A. Turner (Yale Peabody Museum), and L. Van Valen (University of Chicago). I also wish to thank the following for extending exceptional kindness to me in the course of my research travel: A. Aumont, K.C. Beard, J.I. Bloch, S. Ducrocq, C. Forster, Mme Gallette, J. Gardner, G.F. Gunnell, M. Klinger, E. Kowalski, V.E. Noble, S. Olsen, A. Voss, and the Clemens and Erfurt families. Finally, the author would like to offer her appreciation to M.J. Ravosa and M. Dagosto for their invitation to participate in this symposium. This research was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF SBR-9815884), NSERC, the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Sigma Xi, and the Paleobiological Fund.

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