The following kindly provided access to cranial specimens: L. Heaney, B. Patterson, and W. Stanley (Field Museum of Natural History); C. Beard (Carnegie Museum of Natural History); R. MacPhee (American Museum of Natural History); C. Smeenk and D. Reider (Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie); R. Angermann (Humboldt Universität Museum fuer Naturkunde); R. Thorington, L. Gordon, R. Emry, and R. Purdy (National Museum of Natural History); D. Gebo (Northern Illinois University); M. Tranier, D. Robineau, J. Cuisin, F. Renoult, M. Godinot, B. Senut, and C. Berge (Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle); P. Jenkins (British Museum of Natural History); B. Latimer and L. Jellema (Cleveland Museum of Natural History); M. Rutzmoser (Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology); and R. Kay, C. Vinyard (Duke University Medical Center). The authors thanked M. Cartmill for the loan of a dihedral goniometer. M. Dagosto, P. Freeman, S. Ghosh, M. Hamrick, A. Hogue, W. Kimbel, E. Kowalski, M. Morales, V. Noble, B. Shea, M. Silcox, S. Stack, and Y. Wu offered comments and assistance. For aid with and access to galagos, we thank I. Diamond, D. Schmechel, R. Ange, and K. Formo. This study was funded by the NSF (BCS-9709587 to MJR, SBR-9420764 to WLH), NIH (DE-05595 to MJR, DE-04531 to WLH), Leakey Foundation (MJR), Northwestern University (MJR), and Duke University (MJR and WLH). The NSF (BCS-0129349), Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Field Museum and Northwestern University supported the international conference in which the findings of this chapter were presented.

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