Analyses with Mt rRNA Genes

In contrast to the nuclear partitions, all of which provided robust support for the four major clades of placentals and for Boreoeutheria, analyses with the mt rRNA partition only provided robust support for Xenarthra and Afrotheria. Within Afrotheria, there was support for Paenungulata, Tubulidentata+ Macroscelidea + Afrosoricida, and Afrosoricida. Within Paenungulata, mt rRNA was the only partition that favored Tethytheria (i.e., Sirenia + Proboscidea) over competing hypotheses. In addition to not supporting Euarchontoglires, the mt rRNA partition failed to support Glires, rodent monophyly, and Euarchonta. Scandentia + Dermoptera was supported (posterior probability = 0.98). Within

Laurasiatheria, Variamana was strongly supported (posterior probability = 0.95), but relationships within this group were not well resolved.

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