Analyses with Outgroup Jackknifing

In Bayesian analyses that deleted either the opossum or the diprotodontian, the ingroup topology remained unchanged. Posterior probabilities remained > 0.95 for all but two clades (Sirenia + Hyracoidea = 0.48; Carnivora + Pholidota + Perissodactyla = 0.76) with the diprotodontian outgroup. With opossum outgroup, all clades were supported with posterior probabilities >0.95 except for Sirenia + Hyracoidea (0.77), Carnivora + Pholidota + Perissodactyla (0.70), and Fereuungulata (0.92). Within Euarchontoglires, posterior probabilities for Euarchonta were 0.99 in both analyses that deleted one of the marsupial outgroups. Similarly, tree shrew + flying lemur support remained high (posterior probability = 1.00 for both analyses).

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