And the Origin of Euprimates Lessons From History Szalay F S

Introduction 457 Glimpses of History of Researches Regarding Archontan,

Plesiadapiform, and Euprimate Morphotype Locomotor

Strategies, and their Influence 459

Arboreality as a Novel Strategy for the Stem of Archonta 461 Visual Predation as the Strategy for the Stem Lineage of Euprimates 461

The Role of Leaping in the Ancestral Euprimate 466

Models and the Locomotor Strategies of Extinct Taxa 473

Homology in Evolutionary Morphology 478 Transitions Leading up to the Archontan and Euprimate

Locomotor Strategies and Substrate Preference 481

Locomotion, and the Origins of Euprimates 482

Acknowledgments 483

References 483

15. The Postcranial Morphotype of Primates 489 Dagosto, M.

Introduction 489

Reconstructing Function and Biological Roles 495

Derived Features of the MRCA 499

Features Related to Grasping 500

Beyond Grasping and "Small Branches" 503

Features Related to Leaping 506 Do the Functional/Biological Role Attributes of the Traits as a Whole Constitute a Cohesive Story? 517

Are the Biological Roles of Features Misidentified? 518

Are these Features Part of the Primate Morphotype? 521

Origin of Primates as a Process Not an Event 522

Acknowledgments 525

References 525

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