Heesy C P Ross C F and Demes B

Introduction 257 Neurological and Morphological Maintenance of Eye Position 260 What Are the Consequences of Disruption of Oculomotor

Coordination? 263

Focus of This Study 266

Methods 267

Results 268

Discussion and Conclusions 271

Discussion of the Ocular Kinematic Results 271 Oculomotor Stability and the Function of the Postorbital Bar 272 Oculomotor Stability and the Function of the Haplorhine

Septum 275

Summary 276

Acknowledgments 277

References 277

9. Primate Origins and the Function of the Circumorbital Region: What's Load Got to Do with It? 285

Ravosa, M. J., Savakova, D. G., Johnson, K. R., and Hylander, W. L.

Introduction 285

Masticatory Stress and Circumorbital Form 286

Galago Circumorbital Peak-Strain Magnitudes 289

Galago Circumorbital Principal-Strain Directions 293 Facial Torsion and the Evolution of the Primate Postorbital Bar 294

Nocturnal Visual Predation and Circumorbital Form 298

Orbital Form and Patterns of Covariation 301 Nocturnal Visual Predation and the Evolution of Orbit

Orientation and the Postorbital Bar 307 Phylogenetic Evidence Regarding the NVPH and the

Evolution of Circumorbital Form 316

Conclusions 317

Acknowledgments 320

References 320

0 0

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