Fig. 6.8 Top: minimal mass as a function of period for exoplanets. On the left the filled squares indicate the planets orbiting binary stars and the circles indicate planets orbiting single stars. The circle within parentheses indicates HD 162020, which is probably a brown dwarf. On the right, just planets of single stars are shown. In this diagram the symbols represent the mass of the planets: filled circles are the massive planets (> 2Mj), open circles intermediate masses (between 0.75 and 2 Mj) and the triangles, light planets (< 0.75 Mj). The components of the HD 168443 system are joined by a dotted line. Bottom: distribution of periods of planets for different masses: the grey, white and red histograms are those for light, intermediate, and massive planets, respectively. The masses delimiting the three populations differ on the left (0.75 and 4 Mj) and on the right (0.75 and 2 MJ) (After Udry et al., 2003)

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