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Wavelength (|m)

Fig. 7.26 The effect of orbital distance on the synthetic spectra of an exo-Earth. These synthetic spectra have been calculated for an Earth located at different points in the Sun's habitable zone. The atmospheric profiles (pressure, temperature, and composition) correspond to the conditions shown in Fig. 7.24. Beyond 1.3 AU, the CO2 condenses in the atmosphere, forming clouds whose radiative properties are little known. So the outermost region of the habitable zone has not been considered in the particular study. In configurations at less than 1 AU, atmospheric oxygen has not been included, because the surface conditions are very different from those on our planet. The spectral windows of the future space observatories TPF-C (visible region - visible) and Darwin/TFP-I (IR region -thermal emission) are shown (After Paillet, 2006)

Wavelength (|m)

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